Charleston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Patrick J. O'Neill

Dr. Patrick J. O’Neill, M.D.

Learn About Dr. Patrick J. O’Neill

As the face of O’Neill Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC, Dr. Patrick J. O’Neill is a board certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. O’Neill is able to fulfill your aesthetic and reconstruction goals as a cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. O’Neill’s Education

Dr. O’Neill graduated medical school in Charleston, SC at the Medical University of South Carolina. He completed nine years of residency training at MUSC, including full general surgery and plastic surgery residencies. Dr. Patrick O’Neill’s education also includes a hand and microsurgery fellowship at the Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. O’Neill’s Experience In The Field

In 2000, Dr. Patrick O’Neill worked as an attending surgeon at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. O’Neill is now a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery, both working and teaching to help refine the skills of future plastic surgeons.

Dr. Patrick J. O'Neill, M.D.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. O’Neill’s expertise in the cosmetic surgery field is nothing short of impressive. Vicki, an O’Neill Plastic Surgery patient, stated:

“My overall experience with O’Neill Plastic Surgery was so very positive. Dr. O’Neill is an excedinly good surgeon with a stellar reputation. I felt that he was concerned about my outcome and wanted to meet my expectations–and he did!! His staff is wonderful, welcoming and warm. I would definitely recommend him to others.”

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Meet Dr. Patrick O’Neill

If you’ve been interested in learning about cosmetic surgery or you’d like to book a consultation, please contact O’Neill Plastic Surgery at 843-881-2130 or stop by our office in Daniel Island to say hello us at 245 Seven Farms Drive.


Top Facial Plastic Surgery Services

Facial plastic surgery is one of the most common procedures we perform to fight the signs of aging, as well as reshape the contours of your facial features to improve confidence in your appearance. Dr. O’Neill and our Charleston team will walk you through any procedure to make sure that you feel comfortable through every step of the process.

facial plastic surgery charleston sc

Face Lifts

If you want to fight the signs of aging, including facial sagging and wrinkles, a face lift might be right for you. Face lifts tighten the skin and remove excess facial fat with minimal scarring, typically hidden in the hairline.

Nose Reshaping

Also known as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery can be done after an injury or for general appearance adjustments. Rhinoplasty can improve the width of your nasal bridge, the size of you nose in relation to the rest of your face,  your nose profile, and more.

Eyelid Lifts

Eyelid lifts are another procedure that can fight the signs of aging. Eyelid lifts tighten the skin around your eyes to reduce the look of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Brow Lifts

Brow lifts, or forehead lifts, minimize the appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin that appear across the forehead and in between the eyes. Fight signs of aging with this procedure that typically heals within one to two months.

If you are interested in the facial or general plastic surgery options available, please contact us with any questions! Dr. O’Neill will guide you through the process to find the best options for your personal goals.