CoolSculpting For The Holidays

October, November, and December are some of the busiest months on record for everyone. There’s family gatherings, lots of traveling, holiday parties, and so much more in between regular schedules of work and school. Looking good and feeling good while you’re entertaining, partying, or traveling really helps makes the holidays great! O’Neill Plastic Surgery has a quick and easy option to help sculpt your body and look great your holiday outfits - CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is an FDA approved, noninvasive, fat reduction procedure with no downtime. You’ll be back on your feet and in the holiday grind immediately after your treatment. Your friends and family will notice how toned and fit you look within just a few weeks of treatment!

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How CoolSculpting Works For You

The CoolSculpting treatment uses a process called cryolipolysis, which works to eliminate fat cells by freezing. By targeting fat cells underneath the skin with cold temperatures, we can zero in on fat cells without harming your skin. The fat freezing process allows your targeted fat to be naturally absorbed and expelled by your body. Our patients see results in just a few weeks after their treatment!

CoolSculpting can be performed in quick appointments, easily fit into your schedule. With no downtime, you’ll be back on the go immediately after the treatment. Since the fat reduction procedure requires no needles, no knives, and no anesthesia many patients prefer this method to liposuction. CoolSculpting can be used on many parts of the body including love handles, back, thighs, arms, belly, and more!

Schedule Your Appointment In Charleston, SC

Ready to slim down without invasive surgical methods? Contact O’Neill Plastic Surgery today to schedule your appointment. Look fabulous and feel confident this holiday season by calling (843)881-2130 or scheduling your consultation online. We’ll work with you to improve your confidence and look great through the busyness of the holidays.


New Product Line: ZO Skin Health

O’Neill Plastic Surgery is proud to announce that we carry ZO Skin Health products in our Charleston plastic surgery center! ZO Skin Health is the latest from Dr. Zein Obagi a leading dermatologist and creator of some of the best skin products available. ZO Skin Health provides comprehensive solutions for every type of skin and need.

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ZO Skin Health Products

The ZO products we carry maintain the results of laser rejuvenation treatments as well as support daily skin health. It is clinically proven to help patients at every age meet their specific skin goals. For a more aggressive approach to skin care or to correct specific issues, we also carry the ZO Medical product line. These solutions from both ZO Health and ZO Medical work to keep your skin youthful, healthy, strong, smooth, toned, and fully hydrated.

Skin treated with ZO Skin Health and Medical products is clinically proven to be:

  • Smooth
  • Strong
  • Firm
  • Even Toned
  • Hydrated
  • Without Disorders

Whether you need sunscreen, exfoliating scrub, anti-aging cream, eye repair, and everything in between, you can find a specific treatment plan in our office. ZO Health is a perfect preventative regimen for younger patients, as well as to maintain the results created by an aggressive ZO Medical regimen.

Skin Care In Charleston, SC

Not sure what’s best for you? Talk with our on-staff, licensed esthetician and skin care experts. Our team will help you create the perfect skin care regimen using the highest quality products available. We also have many other non-invasive aesthetic options and laser treatments to improve and rejuvenate your skin. ZO Skin Health products are also very helpful in maintaining your skin after an aesthetic procedure.

Visit our store in Charleston to shop these products or schedule a consultation by calling (843)881-2130 or filling out our online consultation form.


Free Treatment of Radiation Tattoos

To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, O’Neill Plastic Surgery is offering a special for breast cancer survivors: FREE treatment of radiation tattoos! If you or someone who love beat breast cancer, celebrate your success with O’Neill Plastic Surgery to remove the reminders of traumatic radiation. This offer lasts through October 2015!

PicoSure Radiation Tattoo Removal

remove radiation tattoos with picosureRadiation is a treatment that is used to help fight breast cancer. When undergoing radiation therapy, one of the most important aspects of the treatment is precision. The use of tattoos is an important aid in helping to make sure treatments are going to be done precisely, the same way each day.

We at O’Neill Plastic Surgery are all too familiar what the body may endure during breast cancer treatment. Because of this we constantly support the strong women who undergo breast cancer treatment by providing them with the option to have their radiation tattoos removed for free. With the use of our PicoSure laser we are able to provide quick, effective treatments to help forget the past and move towards a brighter future!

The PicoSure is from the tried and tested CynoSure family of lasers, so you know you’re getting trusted, approved, highly sophisticated system for quick results. The PicoSure is the most advanced laser treatment available for safe and effective tattoo removal.

Get Your Free Radiation Tattoo Treatment

Take advantage of our special offer today by calling 843-881-2130 or contacting us online to schedule your consultation and appointment. We’re only offering special treatment through October 2015, so call today before it’s too late.