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About the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Organization

American Society of Aesthetic Plastic SurgeryThe American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, otherwise known as ASAPS is an organization solely comprised of plastic surgeons that have been board certified. With this means they have received and know everything there is to know about surgical procedures that include the face, nose, breasts, and body. These are all very important features on your body therefore, if you are going to undergo a surgical procedure – you simply want to choose from the best of the best!  Dr. Patrick O’Neill of O’Neill Plastic Surgery is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

How the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Started

This organization was founded in the year of 1967, and is definitely considered as a world leading organization. It was made to actually honor all of those that have come before them that dedicated their lives and were very passionate about their particular craft. When it comes to plastic surgery, you can consider it a form of art – because honestly, it is. This is where art and science combine in a way that creates beauty, in the flesh.

American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Mission

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s sole mission covers a wide range of information both for the patient and surgeons themselves. This covers patient advocacy, extensive medical education, as well as public education. Scientific meetings are held on a regular basis to ensure that every member of the organization remains in the educated and aware of state of the art technology, new tools, and understand how to use. This enables each Doctor to continue to offer their patients nothing but the best, which in actuality is exactly what they deserve.

Each member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is fully educated with a broad spectrum of both non-surgical and surgical procedures. They follow a very stringent code of ethics and have to meet very stringent membership requirements. This membership is and will always hold its exclusivity because of their particular requirements. To give you a better idea – only about ¼ of those plastic surgeons who apply and try to become certified, actually reach that point and are accepted. If you come across an American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery member like Dr. Patrick O’Neill, rest assured that you are in the hands of a master at their craft.

Love Yourself with Coolsculpting – Charleston SC

The Beauty of CoolSculpting


If you are not completely pleased your appearance or would like some help shedding those stubborn pounds that don’t seem to budge, regardless of exercise or diet, you are not alone.  If you have determined that undergoing a surgical procedure or liposuction is not for you, what options do you have? A new technology has brought us the opportunity to freeze stubborn fat away with CoolScultping. CoolSculpting helps you become shapelier and will tighten up loose skin.

Who Can Benefit from CoolSculpting

CoolScuplting is often used when people have actually lost a significant amount of weight on their own and have excess hanging skin.  Mature persons also elect to undergo the CoolScuplting procedure to combat the elasticity of their skin because their skin has lost its tightness. Persons who utilize the CoolSculpting technology can remove excess fat without the anxiety and recovery time of a surgical procedure.

CoolScuplting is popular for persons who are looking to smooth their skin around their arms, thigh and neck regions. The areas oftentimes are the first to start showing signs of aging, It’s often said that that you are supposed to love the skin you are in, and what better way can you think of than to freeze away that stubborn fat, tighten up the skin and achieve the shape that you have been working so hard for?

CoolSculpting The Perfect Gift

Valentine’s Days is just around the corner, CoolScuplting would make the perfect gift to give a loved one. Or better yet, you can treat yourself to a CoolScuplting procedure. Dr. O’Neill’s staff is here to help you make an appointment so you can learn more details about CoolSculpting.

Of course with any procedure there are considerations to be made, knowing all the facts is best. If you have questions or concerns, give our office a call! We will be glad to go over everything in detail with you.


Learn More About CoolSculpting – Charleston SC

To learn more about the non-invasive and non-ablative anti-aging procedures available to Charleston residents, visit our aesthetic services page. We offer many non surgical options to keep our patients looking as young as they feel! Contact O’Neill Plastic Surgery online or call us at (843) 881-2130 to make your appointment.