Welcome SkinCeuticals to O’Neill Plastic Surgery!

Question: What is our biggest organ? If you guessed our skin…you are right!! Our body’s skin is its’ biggest organ and it has multiple layers, structural proteins and vital components responsible for its’ overall health and of course our physical appearance.  In addition to ZO Skin Health Skin Care here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we have chosen to incorporate a skin care line that will PREVENT, CORRECT AND PROTECT. Welcome to our practice, SkinCeuticals!  One of the most proven facts about SkinCeuticals is that their products are backed by science. These products are scientifically proven to improve skin with such elegant formulations for optimal penetration.  Another fact, SkinCeuticals was made right here in the USA, by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, founding scientist, dermatologist and skin care chemist. Through is pivotal research, Dr. Pinnell has changed the face of antioxidants in the skincare industry.


SkinCeuticals Skin Care is medical grade and designed for your daily skin care needs as well as paired perfectly with the latest laser and aesthetic procedures the industry offers.  In addition to products like C E Ferulic, Phloretin CF, Hydrating B5 and H.A. Intensifier, we have brought in SkinCeuticals Medically Exclusive Peels to have the ability to further customize skincare treatments, and laser procedures that enhance while optimizing overall skin health. Whether it is a gentle Alpha-Beta Peel you are desiring with your Illumina facial or an aggressive Pigment Balancing Peel or somewhere in between, we can do it! I invite you to come in for a complimentary skin care or laser consultation with myself or our Certified Laser Specialist Rebekah to create a treatment plan that is your very own.

SkinCeuticals | O’Neill Plastic Surgery – Charleston, SC

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office! We hope to see you soon!

 Voted Best Plastic Surgeon in Charleston, SC 4 Years In A Row!

Are you considering plastic surgery but just don’t know which Charleston plastic surgeon to visit? Well, look no further because Dr. O’Neill of O’Neill Plastic Surgery has once again been voted best plastic surgeon by the readers of Charleston City Paper for the fourth year in a row! Dr. O’Neill and our newest addition to the team, Dr. Swartz, are both expert plastic surgeons who are excited to work with you to ensure that your body and skin will look younger and healthier than ever before. plastic surgeon charleston sc dr patrick o'neill

Dr. Patrick J. O’Neill

Dr. Patrick O’Neill holds certifications by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also sub-certified in hand and microsurgery. With Dr. O’Neill as your plastic surgeon, you will enjoy beautiful, natural looking results. For the past four years in a row, Dr. O’Neill was voted the best plastic surgeon in Charleston by Charleston City Paper voters! There’s no doubt about it: Dr. O’Neill truly is the best plastic surgeon in the area. Dr. O’Neill takes good care of his patients before, during, and after their procedure. Patients sometimes say that Dr. O’Neill treated them more like family! 

 Dr. Jennifer Dixon Swartz

Dr. Jennifer Dixon Swartz went to Indiana University for college and medical school. When she graduated from Indiana with honors, she moved down here to Charleston to train under Patrick O’Neill at the Medical University of South Carolina. Once she completed her general surgery residency, she went on to become certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgerthumbnail-150x135y at MUSC. 

O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we want you to look and feel your best. If you are considering plastic surgery, feel free to browse our website to read more about our team and some of the procedures we offer. Schedule a consultation to discuss your personal goals and surgical options. Dr. O’Neill and our expert team will walk you through the procedures and surgery specifics after answering any and all questions about cosmetic surgery. For any questions about our surgeons, procedures, or anything else, call (843) 881-2130 or contact us online


SmartSkin+ vs ThermiSmooth – Charleston, SC

There are several options available for smoothing wrinkles, removing fine lines, and giving the area around the eyes and face a more radiant, youthful look. ThermiSmooth uses the gentle application of heat to help tighten the skin and encourages collagen production over time. SmartSkin+ is a CO2 fractional laser that produces similar results. Each has unique attributes which make the procedures appropriate for different cases.
Smartskin Charleston, SC

Which Treatment is Right for Me – Smartskin+ or ThermiSmooth?

Ultimately, the choice of treatment will be made between you and your doctor, but having some background information about each procedure will help inform your decision. If your skin shows damage from UV exposure, uneven coloring, acne scarring, or fine lines and wrinkles, the SmartSkin+ CO2 fractional laser might be the appropriate choice. 

If your concerns are centered around the most sensitive areas of the face, like sagging eyelids, bags under the eyes, or the sensitive skin around the brows, the ThermiSmooth treatment’s non-invasive, gentle thermal procedure might be for you. When you discuss the procedures with your doctor, be sure to consider the severity of the wrinkles, discoloration, or scarring, whether you prefer a more aggressive treatment for fast results or a gentle treatment that takes longer to see results, and how much recovery time you’re comfortable with.  ThermiSmooth

What About Downtime?

Both treatments are non-invasive, so there is very little downtime, no matter which procedure you choose. Each treatment is customizable to best suit your needs and desired results. The SmartSkin+ laser treatment my produce sensitivity in the treated area for several days to a week after treatment. Optimum results are achieved in a course of three treatments. The ThermiSmooth procedure has little to no downtime, but it may take 3-6 treatments to see full results.

O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we want you to look and feel your best. If you are unhappy with the way your face, breasts, or body currently looks, you may want to consider one of our procedures. For any questions about how Dr. O’Neill can give you smoother skin, a more contoured body shape, or the breasts you’ve always wanted, call (843) 881-2130 or contact us online.

 New Product of the Month Alert!! ZO Oraser Cellulite

Control Body Smoothing Creme

Oraser-Cellulite-Control-Body-Smoothing-CremeFINALLY!! A cellulite control crème that really works!! It was only a matter of time before Dr. Obagi announced this brilliant product by ZO Skin Health. Cellulite is a word that we all know and do NOT love. In medical terms, CELLULITE is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within connective tissue or facia that creates dimpling or a surface appearance that looks like an orange peel. We owe it all to our hereditary genes and hormones! Dr. Zein Obagi, created this product help firm, reduce and encourage great skin. Ideally, use this product on your hips, thighs, buttocks, and stomach for an instant firming effect visibly improving texture and radically reducing the appearance of cellulite. It also helps promote microcirculation, reduce skin contour and encourage the production of collagen for firmer skin. You might be asking yourself, “So what’s different about this product compared to any other cellulite cream out there?” Well, for starters, Dr. Zein Obagi is a world-renowned dermatologist and has lead the industry with innovative treatments formulated and perfected designed to create and maintain optimal skin health and here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we fully stand behind these products. I have spoken about anti-aging, and correction, prevention, healing and maintenance in my past blogs and they ALL contain ZO Skin Health and ZO Skin Medical products. Our staff is fully trained and frequently updated on new and upcoming products to help best guide you on what you need to do to obtain good skin health.

I’d like to close with a reminder how important it is to take care of yourself and your skin. It is our biggest organ and it will always need TLC. Regimen and continued prolonged use is most effective and of course I can’t sign off without saying SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN! Happy spring and we look forward to seeing you soon at O’Neill Plastic Surgery!

Danielle Cios, LE

O’Neill Plastic Surgery

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The Benefits of ThermiVA – Charleston, SC

ThermiVA is a revolutionary treatment that helps tighten and tone the most delicate tissues of a woman’s body. Many women suffer from stress incontinence and may wish to recover what childbirth or menopause has taken away. The ThermiVA treatment is ideal for tightening areas that may have been stretched by childbirth or simply the changes that come with aging.

ThermiVA Charleston, SC

  • Women seek the treatment for a number of reasons, including:
  • Stress incontinence
  • Improving the shape of the labia
  • Enhancing comfort and pleasure during intercourse
  • Improved comfort during exercise
  • To alleviate dryness problems

Why Choose ThermiVa?

The ThermiVa treatment is safe, painless, and effective. A narrow wand emits radiofrequency energy, gently warming the tissue. The waves increase circulation, create nerve tension, and increase collagen production in the area, leading to long-term improvement. Although there are surgical options available to address the problems women face after childbirth and menopause, they require extensive recovery time and may come with further complications. 

The FDA-approved ThermiVA treatment is non-invasive and has been proven effective in many cases. It’s important to talk to your doctor, to determine which course of treatment is most appropriate to your situation and goals. Many women find that the ThermiVA treatment is an effective, safe alternative to surgery. 

What to Expect

Prior to treatment, you will discuss your concerns and goals with your doctor. Tests will determine that you’re not currently pregnant and that there is no UTI or other vaginal infection present that may complicate the treatment process. 

The treatment is administered in up to three sessions, lasting about 45-60 minutes each. There is no need for numbing agents or anesthesia, because ThermiVa is a non-invasive, painless procedure. Patient report little to no discomfort.  Improvement occurs after each session, so you’ll enjoy the benefits after just one session. 

O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we want you to look and feel your best. If you are considering ThermiVa, feel free to contact us. For any questions about ThermiVa, call (843) 881-2130 or contact us online

Smartskin+ C02 Laser Treatment – Charleston, SC

Smartskin+ Laser Treatment in Charleston, SC

Aging may be inevitable, but with SmartSkin™ CO2 laser treatment, the signs don’t have to mar your skin. This revolutionary treatment provides a remarkable range of adjustment, allowing us to treat everything from fine lines to blemishes with minimal irritation.C02 Laser Treatment Charleston, SC

The treatment is an excellent remedy for:

·        Acne scarring

·        Discoloration

·        Sun damage

·        Uneven coloring

·        Age spots

What to Expect

When you come in for your SmartSkin™ CO2 laser treatment we’ll use numbing agents to prepare the area to be targeted. The adjustability of the laser provides us with the ability to apply a gentler treatment to sensitive areas, resulting in less irritation. The stimulation provided by the treatment will encourage the natural generation of new collagen, helping to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines even further.

How to Prepare

When you come in for your initial consultation, we’ll begin by determining how to apply the treatment for your optimum results. We may recommend that you come in for multiple sessions, depending upon your goals and the results desired.

To prepare for treatment, patients should avoid sun exposure and self-tanning cream for 4 weeks prior to the treatment, and avoid topical exfoliation for two weeks. On the day of the appointment, be sure to eat and drink plenty of fluids. Avoid using makeup, perfumes, hair products, or lotions.

After the Treatment

Post-operative patients often report having the sensation of a mild sunburn. Keep the skin moist with an approved lotion, and avoid exposure to sun and wind until it has a chance to fully heal. One of the main advantages of SmartSkin™ C02 laser treatment is that the recovery time is reduced in comparison to other traditional treatments. Healing can be complete in as little as 7-14 days, depending upon the area treated, and the depth of treatment.

O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we want you to look and feel your best. If you are unhappy with the way your face, breasts, or body currently looks, you may want to consider one of our procedures. For any questions about how Dr. O’Neill can give you smoother skin, a more contoured body shape, or the breasts you’ve always wanted, call (843) 881-2130 or contact us online. 

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC 

Are you starting to notice signs of aging like wrinkles or sagging skin on your face or body? What about the unnecessary fat on your abdomen, thighs, chin, or another body part? Or are you simply generally unhappy and suffer from low self-esteem due to the way your body looks? Whatever the issue is, O’Neill Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC is here to help. With highly qualified plastic surgeons and only the latest in plastic surgery technology, there’s no need to wait for a procedure that could change your life!charleston sc plastic surgery testimonials

Facial Procedures

If signs of aging are starting to affect your confidence and daily life, a facial plastic surgery procedure might be a good option. Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we offer face lifts, eyebrow lifts, eyelid lifts, nose reshaping, and a variety of aesthetic and skincare-based procedures. You can have younger, smoother-looking skin in no time with any of these advanced facial operations.

Breast Procedures

If you are unhappy with your breasts, there are steps you can take to alter their appearance or shape. Breast lifts, breast enlargements, breast reductions, and breast reconstructions are the types of procedures we offer. Dr. O’Neill has extensive experience with each of these operations and is happy to work with you to figure out which one will be best for your body. 

Body Procedures

Most of our body procedures focus on removing or reducing unwanted fat. Having a liposuction, tummy tuck, or body lift will improve your body contours if you have had trouble losing weight from just diet and exercise alone. With any of these body shaping procedures, you will be left with a more youthful, natural-looking body than ever before. 

O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we want you to look and feel your best. If you are unhappy with the way your face, breasts, or body currently looks, you may want to consider one of our procedures. For any questions about how Dr. O’Neill can give you smoother skin, a more contoured body shape, or the breasts you’ve always wanted, call (843) 881-2130 or contact us online. 

Transitioning Your Winter Skin Care Routine Into Spring!

It’s Time To Start Thinking About Transitioning Your Winter Skin Care Routine Into Spring!!!

After so many months of just plain old gloomy, chilly and sometimes down right cold days and nights, It’s always inspiring to clean out our closets, skincare cabinets and makeup drawers! When we do that, we start to feel the enthusiasm about what’s to come….SPRING! This means, breaking out the softer colors for our finger and toe nails, sundresses and fancy sandals! It also means, time to start transitioning your winter skin care routine!  If you are anything like me, it changes with every season!  I usually sit on a given Saturday or Sunday and go through all of my skin care products both face and body and really focus on a positive switch up for the new season. Normally in the winter months is when I do my heavy skin repairing from the damage that may have occurred during the summer. So, I immediately reach for the products that contain hydroquinone as well as the heavier moisturizers to heal and repair my skin. Now I certainly do not want to get rid of these products because I will for sure be using them again and I will say that I do hold onto my serums to ensure an ultimate moisturizing treatment at night from time to time as well as a hydrating mask. The seasonal changes in skin care such as my Melamin/Melamix + Tretinoin regimen get put aside for a few months and I move on to a more stabilizing product like ZO C-Bright, Ossentials Growth Factor and occasionally the ZO Radical Night Repair.  Now that I’ve given you a tiny peek into what I do, check out some other great ideas below to kick things off the right way this spring for your very own skin care routines!

Spring Skincare Ideas

As in my past blogs, I’ve told you all about the Basic 5: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, Moisturize and SPF always and forever. These basics in which I use from ZO Skin Health as well as the ZO Medical line will always stay the same all year through. zo-skin-health

For my very first “Spring Forward” idea, make an appointment to see your esthetician. Though I do see many patients on a monthly basis throughout the year, there are some that come to me for a seasonal cleansing facial and a skin check, or some that come in for the random deep pore and extraction facial. I highly recommend seeing your esty either way for the most up to date, trends, treatment protocols, products and skin care information. Find out what he or she has that’s new or what product can be incorporated into your spring regimen. It’s kind of like New Years Day, a fresh start.. a new beginning. When you see her or him, ask questions, your fully licensed and trained esthetician is a book of knowledge! There might be something you’ve always wanted to know about our skin and how it works! During your facial session, discuss your goals for the season, and past products that worked well for you and even the ones that just weren’t a good fit. I can only tell you from my own experience, that I get trained by a ZO Skin Health rep at least twice a year and every other year I am required to do continuing education for credit to keep my license in good standing with the state as well as training throughout the year on various skin care protocols and procedures to bring directly to you!

As I’ve mentioned above, I put away my hydroquinone products and break out my stabilizers. I recommend everyone to at some point get on board with stabilizing their skin. Stabilization prevents acquired sensitivities to treatments and enables skin to renew and strengthen itself. It also helps maintain your natural barrier function, and restores hydration. But what I really like about stabilizers is that we can still control our melanin production! Remember that melanin is the pigment that we see on our skin! The ZO Skin Health line has both medical as well as non-medical stabilizers to choose from, so be sure while you are getting your fabulous facial that you ask…. what’s next for me!?

Reach for those brighteners!!!! It’s perfectly ok to introduce skin brighteners and correcting cremes that contain Vitamin A while transitioning from hydroquinone. My advice is to gradually make this transition by applying every other day at first and then gradually you will discontinue completely.  I absolutely love the Retamax Vitamin A Micro Emulsion in the ZO Medical line. This formulation is a high level of retinol with a rapid delivery system.  It will help promote better skin texture, firmness, and color tone.  It has a beautiful blend of plant stem cell antioxidants and bio-metric proteins to help reverse the signs of aging and prevention of future damage. It is recommended to use Retamax 2x a week and increase as tolerated with 1 – 2 pumps per application. 

SPF should not only be your best friend in the spring and summer time, but fall and winter too! It is so very important to wear your sunscreen to help prevent future damage on your skin as well and protect the progress of great skin you worked so hard to get over these past months! I recommend the ZO Sunscreen and Primer! It has an SPF of 30 and is it titanium based. It has a fractionated melanin component to help protect you from the HEV rays with is high energy visible light. 

I hope this months blog helps you really start to think about what you can do to make some changes in the next month or so. Don’t forget to book your appointment with your esthetician and get on the path to beautiful skin!

Danielle Cios, LE

O’Neill Plastic Surgery 


 How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Without Surgery- O’Neill Plastic Surgery 

If you want to avoid the needles, pain, and downtime, Dr. O’Neill can offer non-invasive procedures that will get rid of belly fat without surgery. With treatments like ThermiTight and CoolSculpting, you can enjoy a smoother, more contoured stomach without the hassle of getting a full-blown surgery.


The ThermiTight® treatment involves a small probe that is used to very gently heat specific tissues of an area of your choosing to a therapeutic temperature. Each ThermiTight® procedure heats your sub-dermal tissue with radio frequency waves, which then promotes collagen growth and smooths out your skin. After your painless treatment, a wrap is applied and you will be free to go about your normal activities in the next few days. The tip of the probe that is applied to your abdomen provides constant feedback of the actual temperature during treatment. While the probe regulates the actual temperature, an infrared camera monitors your skin temperature. With both of these systems working to make sure the treatment is safe and effective, ThermiTight is an effective method to get rid of belly fat. 


Get Rid Of Belly FatThe CoolSculpting treatment uses cryolipolysis to eliminate fat. Cryolipolysis is a controlled cooling process that freezes fat cells and kills them without harming surrounding cells. The fat cells are then naturally absorbed and expelled by the body. These fat cells are gone for good, so you can expect long term results from your procedure. This ensures effective fat elimination while leaving your skin healthy and smooth. After the procedure, your body will naturally remove the damaged fat cells and leave you with tighter, younger-looking skin.

O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we want you to look and feel your best. If you are considering ThermiTight, CoolSculpting, or another one of our procedures to get rid of belly fat, feel free to contact us. For any questions about CoolSculpting, call (843) 881-2130 or contact us online. 

How Does the PicoSure Laser Work?- Charleston, SC 

The PicoSure Laser is a new type of laser that uses advanced technology to clear acne scars, remove tattoos, revitalize skin, reduce wrinkles, and more. The fractional laser technology breaks down the skin tissue using microbeams of energy. This laser energy breaks down scarred or aging tissue, which triggers the body’s natural healing process to create new, healthy collagen. Healthy collagen improves the texture, look, and feel of your skin. The new PicoSure Laser has recently been added to O’Neill Plastic Surgery’s extensive list of cosmetic procedures.

picosure laser tool

How the PicoSure Laser Works

The PicoSure laser can target many areas of the body including the face, neck, back, hands, décolletage, legs, and more. If the main purpose of your PicoSure Laser treatment is to remove a tattoo, the laser will send ultra-short pulses of photomechanical heat energy into the skin. These pulses shatter the tattoo ink underneath the skin. Once the laser breaks apart the ink particles within the skin, the particles can be absorbed naturally in the body, resulting in overall clearance of the tattoo. If your PicoSure Laser treatment is for anything other than tattoo removal, like the clearing of acne scars, revitalizing the skin, and reducing wrinkles, then the treatment works differently. For these treatments, PicoSure administers short bursts of  light energy to target your trouble area without harming other skin cells. Photomechanical light causes less cellular damage than traditional skin revitalization laser techniques. Both types of treatments last only about ten minutes each and are scheduled six to eight weeks apart.

O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we want you to look and feel your best. If you need to remove a tattoo or revitalize your aging skin, you may want to consider a PicoSure Laser treatment. If you have any questions about PicoSure Laser treatments or how they work, call (843) 881-2130 or contact us online.