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Botox for Men

BOTOX Cosmetic specialists are dedicated to helping all appropriate adults regain their self-confidence. Some believe Botox is only for women, but the idea that men can’t also benefit from BOTOX Cosmetic is an idea of the past. With a procedure that takes only 10 minutes, it’s no wonder that 1 in 10 BOTOX Cosmetic patients are men. Now, women aren’t the only ones who get to experience life-changing results.

The Facts about Botox for Men

Botox for Men - Charleston, SC


BOTOX Cosmetic for men is an injection that temporarily reduces muscles activity. Our procedure and treatment is designed to focus on reducing moderate to severe crow’s feet and frown lines around your eyes and forehead. The process of getting smoother skin around these areas is simple. First, you will meet with a specialist and ask them any questions or concerns you may have about your procedure. Your expert will then do a specialized assessment of your face and give you the best possible treatment plan for your particular features. The injections smooth out these areas to give you a fresh, youthful look. After the 10 minute treatment, you’ll be done- it’s that fast. Before you leave, simply schedule a follow-up appointment and be sure to contact your specialist with any additional questions. With noticeable results after only 24 to 48 hours, BOTOX Cosmetic for men is the right choice for any man who wants healthier, younger-looking skin.


Cost of Botox Treatment


The cost of BOTOX® Cosmetic for men includes not only the cost of the high-quality product, but also the highly advanced skills and expertise of your specialist. Each specialist is licensed, trained, has BOTOX Cosmetic experience, and is ready to help you achieve visible, attractive results. For men who want younger, smoother skin, choose BOTOX Cosmetic for men.

Lip Augmentation Treatment – Charleston, SC

Why do my lips become thinner with age?  What can I do to stop this sign of aging? 


Lip Augmentation Treatment - Charleston, SCAre you considering lip augmentation?  The reason lips become thinner with age is because as you grow older, your body produces less collagen. Collagen is a protein that supports the body’s soft tissue and is what makes your lips full. Though it was once common to inject collagen into lips to replace what was lost over time, scientists have now discovered other methods that are safer and have longer lasting effects. But, no matter what is in the injections, the process is known as lip augmentation.


Lip Augmentation Treatment – Charleston, SC


Lip Augmentation is a procedure that gives you fuller, plumper lips. Though fat injections and implants are sometimes used, an injectable dermal filler is now the most common and effective method of lip augmentation. Typically, fillers today contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid. It may sound scary, but hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body and is responsible for increasing volume in your lips. Once it is in injected, the gel in the filler supports and shapes your lips.




JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC is one such hyaluronic acid-based filler for plumping lips. This filler effectively improves the shape, structure, and volume of your lips for up to 1 year. There are several benefits to having lip augmentation. First, your doctor has total control over how much your lip volume is increased. Additionally, with JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC, there is less bruising and swelling compared to other dermal fillers. The length of time your lips remain full and plumped is also a plus, as other fillers may not last as long. Any lumps or bumps formed by your moving lips can be dissolved easily, too. Lastly, because hyaluronic acid fillers are similar to those that naturally exist in your body, it is unlikely you will have an allergic reaction.



The Best Way to Tighten Your Face and Body – Without Surgery!

Tighten Up With ThermiTight

Surgery can be long, expensive, and it shouldn’t be your preferred method to tighten the skin around your face and body. The ThermiTight® treatment involves a small probe that is used to very gently heat specific tissues of an area of your choosing to a therapeutic temperature. Each ThermiTight® procedure heats your subdermal tissue with radio frequency waves, which then promotes collagen growth and smooths out your skin.

After your painless treatment, a wrap is applied and you will be free to go about your normal activities in the next few days. ThermiTight® can be applied to your neck, breast, arms, abdomen, thighs, or knees. The tip of the probe that is applied to these areas provides constant feedback of the actual temperature during treatment. While the probe regulates the actual temperature, an infrared camera monitors your skin temperature. With both of these systems working to make sure the treatment is safe and effective, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be smoothing out the skin that has been sagging and showing signs of old age. Though most patients see results in just a few weeks after their first treatment, two procedures are recommended depending on skin laxity.

Tighten Up With ThermiTight

Tighten Up With ThermiSmooth Face

This type of treatment is to tighten areas on your face and body. ThermiSmooth® Face is different from ThermiTight® in that instead of a probe, it is a non-invasive procedure that is performed using a hand-held device that heats the skin using dermal heating. You can have smoother skin on your forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and neck with this non-surgical treatment. After a series of 3 to 6 treatments, patients begin seeing noticeable results.

Tighten Up With ThermiSmooth


ThermiSmooth® Body is another treatment that is non-invasive and requires no surgery. You can treat anything from your chest to your ankles, including your abdomen, back, buttocks, and thighs.

Tighten Up With ThermiVa

Years of aging, childbirth, and even menopause can affect your feminine wellness. ThermiVa works just like ThermiSmooth does, but these treatments focus primarily to tighten the internal and external areas of the vagina. ThermiVa treatments use the same radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue and rejuvenate collagen.


Schedule your Consultation at O’Neill Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC

At O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we now offer ThermiTight® treatments! Dr. O’Neill and the rest of our cosmetic experts can help you look as young as you feel. Since ThermiTight® isn’t plastic surgery, we can get you in and out of the office in no time! Call (843) 881-2130 or request an appointment online to start looking and feeling younger!



Where Can ThermiTight Be Used? Learn About All Uses!



ThermiTight® is a non-surgical procedure that can be used on almost any part of your body!


ThermiTight® tightens skin around your submental area, which includes your jawline, chin, and neck. Sagging skin around these areas is one of the first signs of aging, but with new ThermiTight® technology, you no longer have to worry about your growing double chin or turkey neck! Most patients even see results in just a few weeks after their first treatment.



ThermiRase® focuses primarily on smoothing out your frown lines. It is a longer-lasting alternative to Botox that targets and disables the facial nerves that cause glabellar frowning (the wrinkles in between your eyes). This treatment leaves you with long-lasting to permanent relaxation of the nerves that cause frown lines.


ThermiSmooth Face

ThermiSmooth® Face targets and smooths out features on your face including the skin around your eyes, eyelids, forehead, neck, and the area around your mouth. ThermiSmooth® Face works to combine tightened skin with new collagen to help lift sagging skin and reduce wrinkles. This procedure, like all of the other ThermiTight® treatments, is painless. Some patients even say it feels like receiving a warm massage!




Symptoms of aging occur in the face, body, and even in the look and feel of vaginal muscles. Childbirth, exercise, and time can cause vaginal laxity and decreased sexual pleasure. With ThermiVa®, you can have a painless vaginal rejuvenation. In addition to general rejuvenation, ThermiVa® tightens and strengthens vaginal structure, reduces vaginal laxity, and improves its appearance.


O’Neill Plastic Surgery

ThermiTight® and all its variants are now available at O’Neill Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC. If you are interesting in tightening skin on your face or anywhere else on your body, feel free to contact us at (843) 881-2130 or request an appointment online. With so many areas on which ThermiTight® can be used, there’s no reason to wait for smoother, younger-looking skin!

Top 5 Skin Care Tips for Summer – Charleston SC

 Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips

Looking for ways to recover your skin after a long day at the beach?  Well I have 5 great tips for you to help treat, repair and protect your skin for these next few months ahead!!  While we love to enjoy beaching, boating and grilling outside with family and friends, we are doing great damage to our skin if we do not take the proper precautions to treat and protect ourselves from harmful effects of the sun.  The sun is ultraviolet radiation (UV) and it has the greatest impact on how our skin ages. As we age, the collagen and elastin fibers of the skin naturally weaken. Imagine allowing your skin to age or weaken at a much faster rate when exposed to UV light!


Over exposure to the sun causes dehydration to our body’s balance and skin so it’s important for us to get that moisture back! Drinking a lot of water to replenish and detoxify is a great start, but we need to go that extra mile to help our skin. I would like to suggest a moisturizing, hydrating masque at least twice a week. Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, I like to use ZO Ossential Aloe Hydra Masque and Massage Gel in my facials. It’s gentle, calming and cooling and it really works well with all skin types. This Hydra Masque can not only be used on your face but your body as well! I also love using ZO Ossential Skin Brightening Sheet Masque in my facials. It’s a single pack sheet masque that delivers superior brightening effects as well as replenishing moisture and hydration. Another great hydration tip is the use of toner. I love to use Balatone by ZO Skin Health. This toner invigorates dry weak skin. It has a beautiful blend of conditioners, moistures and hydrators to help soothe and heal. Toner is also great to get your pH levels back in balance after external or internal factors such as hormonal changes have gotten you off track.


zo skin health charleston scExfoliation is my favorite thing to do not only in the summer months, but all year round. There are so many wonderful benefits to getting rid of dry dead skin and keeping your face clean of any external debris as well as unclogging pores! It’s like the saying “Out with the old” and I like to say “ to make room for the new” Exfoliating your skin at least 2 to 3 times a week will not only get rid of the old, but it increases your Cell Renewal Factor (CRF), or your cell turnover rate!! As we age, our CRF slows down, so it’s very important to keep that cell mitosis going for your overall skin preservation.  I love using ZO Offects Exfoliating Polish in my facials and my patients tell me it’s almost the best part of the facial!  The Exfoliating Polish is loaded with ultra-fine magnesium crystals, vitamins A, C and E for that antioxidant boost to help maintain the skin barrier.


Preventative measures for skin care include avoiding the sun when possible and wearing protective clothing, hats, and of course sunscreen! This is the best protection for our skin. Living in the south we are not privy to weather that keeps us from being outside and enjoying our surroundings! So in this case, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN! Did you know that approximately 80% of premature extrinsic aging is caused by the sun? Harsh isn’t it!? Sunscreen has two types of active ingredients, chemical screens and physical blocks. The sun protector factor or SPF as we all know it, is the ingredient ability of a product to delay sun-induced erythema, or redness caused by inflammation. This is the visible sign of sun damage to our skin. Some examples of chemical sunscreens have ingredients listed such as Octinoxate, Octisalate and Oxybenzone. Physical sunscreens have Titanium dioxide and Zinc. So take a look next time you are shopping for a new sunscreen.  I personally like to use Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 by ZO on my patients after a fabulous facial. This sunscreen provides daily multi-defense protection from UVA, UVB and HEV (high energy visible light). It has a 12-hour release complex guard against photo-damage, and DNA protection and repair as well. It also has a slight tint to it and feels silky smooth to the touch! This ZO product can be used alone or worn under makeup for a more even, long-lasting application.


It is always good to practice prevention with your overall skin health. Take a look at your body from head to toe keeping an eye out for any new growths or skin changes as well as yearly visits to your medical provider for skin checks. We have two wonderful providers here who can help you with that! Meghan Biggers, our PA and Kingslea Moore, our DNP, FNP-C. Both are highly qualified and have extensive experience in dermatology.


Whether it’s simply mature skin or extrinsic aging, we all need help combating the effects and this is part of the reason why the skincare field has grown so rapidly in the recent years. Though facials can be considered luxuries, having regular facials and a maintenance product regimen are now regarded as necessities by many. There are a lot of products out there that promise to do this or that so be sure to find one that truly works for you. I believe that with commitment to having better skin you can achieve a look that’s vibrant, youthful and healthy.

Happy Summer Y’all!




How Long Does Swelling After ThermiTight Last?

Swelling After ThermiTight

Because the ThermiTight® procedure is non-surgical, patients experience minimal pain, swelling, and bruising. Typically, swelling is most noticeable 24 hoSwelling Last After ThermiTighturs after treatment. However, the amount and longevity of swelling does depend on the patient as well as the part of the body on which you had ThermiTight® treatment. For example, with treatment on the abdomen, swelling could be anywhere from none at all to lasting up to two weeks. However, if you have a ThermiSmooth® Face treatment, it is more likely that you will experience no swelling or bruising at all! Generally, there is very little swelling after ThermiTight.

For Optimal ThermiTight Results

To prepare for your treatment, it is a good idea to drink 3 liters of water daily in the 3 days leading up to your procedure. Hydrated cells are better at tolerating heat, and will therefore be more ready for the procedure than if you were dehydrated. You should continue drinking the 3 liters of water per day 3 days after your procedure as well. Make sure the area that is to be treated is not at all damaged by sun exposure. Additionally, cut, wounded, and infected skin cannot be treated because it could cause infection and discomfort. These few rules will ensure your treatment goes well and could help reduce any chance of swelling or bruising. Talk to Dr. O’Neill or one of his cosmetic experts with any other questions.

O’Neill Plastic Surgery

With ThermiTight® treatment now available for all adults, Dr. O’Neill and his cosmetic experts will work with you to help you look as young as you feel! If you want to avoid surgery, but still have smoother, younger looking skin, come see us or schedule an appointment today. Call (843) 881-2130 or request an appointment online. With minimal swelling and little bruising after the procedure, we can have you enjoying your regular activities just days after your treatment!

Eyebrow Lift | Procedure – Charleston SC

eyebrow lift charleston scHaving an Eyebrow Lift in Charleston, SC will correct the sagging in the skin in the upper area of your eyebrows, which is often times called a forehead lift. There are a couple of surgical techniques that will raise your forehead and eyebrow area in order to reduce the wrinkle lines that usually develop as you get older.  Here is what to expect during your Eyebrow Lift consultation:


  • You will meet with Dr. O’Neill before the procedure to discuss your goals, your medical history, and your current health.
  • Dr. O’Neill will conduct an evaluation of your forehead region which includes the area above your eyelids and the muscles. The doctor will ask that you make several facial expressions in order to determine what will help you most for this procedure.
  • You will have the chance to look through before and after pictures to get an idea of what your results will look like.
  • You will have the ability to go over payment options for your surgical procedure.
  • The doctor will discuss the types of Eyebrow Lift surgery.


The Classic Eyebrow Lift


A classic Eyebrow Lift in Charleston, SC involves a continuous cut that begins at your ear level and goes up around your hairline. Dr. O’Neill will work towards avoiding any visible scars which will be dependent on where your hairline is.


An Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift


With an Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift in Charleston, SC, Dr. O’Neill will make a few short incisions to your scalp. He will then insert a scope (a small camera at the end of a tube) into one of the incisions and use a device to insert into the other incisions in order to perform the Eyebrow Lift.


Having any type of cosmetic procedure can be a lifestyle adjustment, and you should make certain that you are mindful of all of the ins and outs of an Eyebrow Lift in Charleston, SC by scheduling an initial consultation. Dr. O’Neill will provide detailed instructions about what you will need to do in order to guarantee satisfactory results.


Various Plastic Surgery Options for Men – Charleston SC

Various Plastic Surgery Options for Men - Charleston SCAs plastic surgery continues to evolve, there has been an increase in demand for consultations and Various Plastic Surgery Options for Men in Charleston, SC. Plastic surgery is no longer just for women and being that the baby boomers have taken such great care of their health, they are now looking to match their looks with the way they feel. There are many rejuvenations procedures available for men like:


Eyelid Rejuvenation (Blepharoplasty)


Just like women show signs of aging in their eyelids, so do men. Over time, our eyes begin to show evidence of fatigue which makes us look less youthful. You may start to see signs like loose hanging skin, bulging pads of fat underneath your eyelids, and lateral brows that hang over your upper eyelids. These symptoms usually result in people asking if you’re tired or if you’ve been getting enough sleep. Luckily, Eyelid Rejuvenation surgery in Charleston, SC will correct your appearance of droopy eyelids by repositioning the tissue over your cheeks to eliminate tear troughs. Excess fat can also be removed, and then your skin and muscles will be tightened to produce a more vibrant look.


Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)


Men who have excess skin and fat around the breast area can have a Male Breast Reduction in Charleston, SC to prevent developing a complex. The shape and size of a man’s breast can produce a feminizing effect but with Liposuction, we can achieve a more masculine chest. This procedure is not only common in older men who are seeking a breast reduction, but males of all ages who are uncomfortable with the size of their breast. This is an excellent option to restore the loss of muscle tone in your chest area.


Male Chin Augmentation


Your facial subunits should be proportionate to each other, so if your lower jaw projection happens to be limited due to lack of growth, you may want to consider having a Male Chin Augmentation in Charleston, SC. Sculpting your jaw through an enhanced projection with either repositioning of your bone and Liposuction or an implant will help your face have more of a masculine appearance.


While Aesthetic surgery in Charleston, SC was once looked at as taboo, it has now become very mainstream. If you are ready to have a consultation to discuss Various Plastic Surgery Options for Men, please contact us to help you look your best.


How Weather Changes Affects Our Skin

Summer is here! Weather changes and how it effects our skin!


One of today’s facials inspired me to blog about living in hot and humid conditions like ours here in the Low Country, and how our skin can react to these conditions. I’m talking about blemishes! I have many patients that come to see me with the very same complaint, so I was thinking, let’s talk about it and what we can do to help restore good skin health. Reactions like random blemishes, acne breakout clusters, and heavy or sluggish feeling skin could be the reaction to the obvious rise in temperature and humidity. Anyone who has oily or acne prone skin should know that the humidity is not your friend! When you have hazy, hot, and humid weather conditions to battle, your sebaceous glands produce more oil! Our bodies naturally produce something called sebum; sebum is made up of dead skin cells and lipids or fats. Our oil glands are necessary for skin lubrication, protection from dehydration and the outside environment, however sebum can also be too much of a good thing; especially in our T-Zone; forehead, and the chin area. Sometimes even the most normal of skin types experience mid-day oil build up in those area because that is where we are the most sebaceous.


ZO Medical Skin Care Products

Zo Medical Skin Care

I started the facial off the right way! I made sure that I cleansed the face with a cleanser designed for normal to oily skin. I used ZO Medical Oilacleanse because I knew that it would target excess oil and remove impurities. ZO Medical Oilacleanse is helpful in reducing bacteria and promoting exfoliation as well as keeping pores from clogging. I think the key to this type of skin is making sure that your cleansers have key ingredients like salicylic acid and glycolic acid. These two types of acids are awesome for exfoliating deep into your pores.  After cleansing, I did a steam application of ozone for approximately 7 minutes as well as administering a manual scrub. The ozone feature is great because it has a germicide, sterilizing and anti-inflammatory effect. The exfoliating scrub that I used is by ZO Skin Health called ZO Exfoliating Polish. It contains ultra-fine magnesium crystals as a key ingredient to thoroughly exfoliate the skin, much like a crystal microdermabrasion. ZO Exfoliating Polish loaded with Vitamins A, C and E as well and helps maintain a healthy skin barrier skin function. Magnesium has many benefits for good skin health like helping you in remaining fit, young and energetic. Lack of magnesium in your body makes you feel weak and ages your skin more. Magnesium also helps the body in maintaining normal nerve and muscle function and boosts your body’s immunity power!

Facial Simulator Peel

The next step in treating oily or acneic skin is doing a stimulator peel! The types of peel that I offer in my facials are superficial and mild. There is no downtime, and little to no redness and flaking. This ZO Stimulator Peel is great for tone and texture, cell turnover rate, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and unclogging pores. It’s okay for all skin types and I love to incorporate it into most of my facials. So now that I’ve cleansed, exfoliated and peeled, it’s time to do some recovery work! I like to use Offects Sulfur Masque by ZO for the T-Zone and over that I like to put a ZO Brightening Masque. This masque is loaded with plant roots that provide the hydration and moisture our skin needs. While that wonderful mask does its thing, I like to treat my patients to a light, but therapeutic, massage to the arms and shoulders. HEAVEN!!!  My facials always come to a close with putting back the moisture, vitamins and nutrients into the skin that may have been depleted. Lastly, I end with applying the ZO sunscreen with primer which is always a must have for protection from the sun especially, when using glycolic and salicylic acids!  Sun burning tendencies are at a greater risk when those products are being used.

I have a few extra suggestions to combat this hot and humid weather like using matte makeup and applying a mask twice a week!

There are many different ways we can help our skin with the right products, continued care with facials and lasers for lasting results!

In closing, taking proper care of your skin may seem like a bit much, but it’s what I love to do and I would be happy to help you achieve your best looking you!


Hope to see you soon.

Danielle Cios, LE




Wearing Your Compression Garment after Surgery

What You Need to Know About Wearing Your Compression Garment after Surgery


compression garment - charleston sc


After undergoing plastic surgery in Charleston, SC it is crucial to wear your compression garment after surgery to achieve optimum results.  It may not seem like a big deal to go without a compression garment. However, it is significant to your end results after Tummy Tuck surgery and/or Liposuction surgery.


What is a Compression Garment?


A compression garment can be compared to the popular Spanx or girdles. Plastic surgeons in Charleston, SC usually require that their patients wear these garments 24 hours a day, except during baths or showers for the first few weeks after surgery for the best possible results.


What Will a Compression Garment Do for Me?


In order to get your new body shape to heal properly in a smooth and even manner, you must wear a compression garment to prevent bumps and lumps from forming during your recovery. The fluid from your capillaries and blood vessels will leak into your tissues post op, and it can interfere with your ability to heal properly. The leaking fluid can also lead to fluid accumulation which causes infection, inflammation, and wound separation. That is why wearing your compression garment after surgery is so important to prevent complications such as seromas.


How Should My Compression Garment Fit Me?


You want to stay away from compression garments that do not fit properly. Garments that do not have a shoulder strap or have the shape of an abdominal binder or band run the risk of moving around and creating rolls. You want to avoid depressions or indentations in your final result along with cutting off circulation after Tummy Tuck surgery which will lead to problems with your healing phase.


In a nutshell, you should make sure that you get the appropriate compression garment, and you must make sure it fits properly. Wearing your compression garment after surgery will produce the best results possible. If you would like more information on the best practice before and after Liposuction or Tummy Tuck surgery in the Charleston, SC area, please contact our office today to book a consultation.