Breast Implant Reconstruction

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Many women who have undergone a mastectomy prefer getting their breast reconstruction using implants. Breast implant reconstruction can be completed in one of two ways: in a Direct-to-Implant Reconstruction (also known as a One-Stage Reconstruction) or a Tissue Expander-to-Implant Reconstruction (known as a Two-Stage Reconstruction).

One-Stage Breast Implant Reconstruction

A One-Stage implant reconstruction at the time of mastectomy is best suited for patients with good preservation of breast skin. A One-Stage reconstruction can be done when there is no need for expansion of the tissue pocket that will hold the implant.

Two-Stage Breast Implant Reconstruction

A Two-Stage implant reconstruction is done when the tissue pocket is not large enough to hold the implant at the time of the mastectomy and must be gradually expanded. The first stage of this two-stage process involves placement of a tissue expanding device, similar to a deflated balloon.

The expander is gradually filled using a sterile saline solution that is injected into a port within the tissue expander. This process is repeated over a period of weeks or months until the desired volume is achieved. Once the expander is adequately filled, a second procedure is done to remove the expander and place the actual breast implant.

Other Types Of Reconstruction

For more information on the other main times of breast reconstruction performed by Dr. O’Neill, please click through the following resources:

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