IPL Treatment

ipl treatment charleston sc

For men and women who would like to fight the signs of aging, refresh skin, and remove unwanted hair, IPL treatments may be right for you! At O’Neill Plastic Surgery in Charleston, we offer the intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments to target problem areas and give our patients a renewed, youthful look.

The Cynosure (formally Palomar Icon) IPL technology uses specific optimal wavelengths of light to target certain chromophores in the skin to improve the color of the skin, correct some sun damage, correct uneven skin pigment, and eliminate most unsightly facial vessels. Treatments are performed by our on-staff certified aesthetician Rebecca Coble or our fully trained Physician’s Assistant, Meg Biggers. With these treatments, you will be able to see effects on different parts of your body, and for different issues, such as:

    • Rosacea
    • Stretch marks
    • Wrinkles
    • Age spots
    • Sun damage
    • Brown spots
    • Facial vessels
    • Uneven skin tones
    • Hair

Your IPL Treatment

IPL treatments send different wavelengths of light to specific areas of the skin to restore a more youthful appearance and eliminate or reduce those problem spots. If you are interested in hair removal, visit the IPL hair reduction page!

Treatments usually take less than thirty minutes and are minimally invasive. Our patients typically only have redness and minimal discomfort afterwards and can resume their daily resume quickly after their appointment. Some patients have expressed feeling a small amount of pain, similar to sunburn, but this can be easily reduced or prevented through minor medications and other methods used during your scheduled treatment.

Appointments Available In Charleston, SC

If you’re interested in learn how our intense pulsed light treatments can benefit your look, call us today! Schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. O’Neill and our team of cosmetic experts to talk through your best options, cosmetic goals, and long-lasting results. Visit our plastic surgery clinic in Charleston, South Carolina on Daniel Island. Call 843-881-2130 or contact us online now.