How to Get the Best Results from Body Contouring Services

Flat stomachs, sculpted thighs, and lean arms may be the goal for many but may be out of reach despite how healthy you eat and how much you work out. If you’ve been interested in targeting specific body areas that seem to be resistant to diet and exercise, nonsurgical body contouring services may help you reach your goals. O’Neill Plastic Surgery is proud to offer CoolScupting and BodyTite services to provide body contouring services without the need for surgery. In order to achieve and sustain the best results from a contouring procedure, we’re explaining the steps you should take before and after your body contouring services. 

You’re a good candidate for the procedure

Before committing to one of our body contouring services, it’s important to ensure that the procedure is a good fit for you and your goals. By scheduling a consultation with one of our specialists at O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we can help you determine the best plan of action and answer any questions you may have. As a general rule of thumb, you should be at or near your goal weight. While body contouring can help smooth and tone, some of these results may be compromised if a significant amount of weight is lost.

You’re finished having children

In the same way that losing a significant amount of weight can impact the results of body contouring services, a major change in the body, such as pregnancy, can also potentially undo the body contouring effects. While it’s still possible to receive another round of body contouring after giving birth, you may want to opt-out of these services until you are finished having kids.

You’ve committed to a healthy lifestyle

Many people turn to body contouring services in order to target specific areas of stubborn fat and loose skin that have been resistant to diet and exercise, but the secret to maintaining the results of body contouring is to commit to a healthy lifestyle. To maintain the results achieved by body contouring, it’s essential to continue to exercise and eat well. Gaining weight can undo the progress you’ve made by combining a healthy lifestyle with body contouring services, so it’s important to continue down the road of healthy eating and regular exercise.

Additional aspects of a healthy lifestyle go beyond eating well and exercising. Other factors, such as smoking, drug use, and excessive drinking, may have long-term impacts on the quality of your skin and metabolism, both of which can negatively affect the results of body contouring services.

Finally, some may be surprised to find that UV rays may also impact body contouring results. While many may be eager to show off their improved features in a swimsuit, it’s essential to make sure you’re applying sunscreen regularly. Sun damage may lead to compromised skin quality that can affect the results of certain body contouring services, especially those that address skin concerns in addition to excess fat. To keep your body looking its best, maintain good health habits from the inside out!

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