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Botox for Men

BOTOX Cosmetic specialists are dedicated to helping all appropriate adults regain their self-confidence. Some believe Botox is only for women, but the idea that men can’t also benefit from BOTOX Cosmetic is an idea of the past. With a procedure that takes only 10 minutes, it’s no wonder that 1 in 10 BOTOX Cosmetic patients are men. Now, women aren’t the only ones who get to experience life-changing results.

The Facts about Botox for Men


BOTOX Cosmetic for men is an injection that temporarily reduces muscles activity. Our procedure and treatment is designed to focus on reducing moderate to severe crow’s feet and frown lines around your eyes and forehead. The process of getting smoother skin around these areas is simple. First, you will meet with a specialist and ask them any questions or concerns you may have about your procedure. Your expert will then do a specialized assessment of your face and give you the best possible treatment plan for your particular features. The injections smooth out these areas to give you a fresh, youthful look. After the 10 minute treatment, you’ll be done- it’s that fast. Before you leave, simply schedule a follow-up appointment and be sure to contact your specialist with any additional questions. With noticeable results after only 24 to 48 hours, BOTOX Cosmetic for men is the right choice for any man who wants healthier, younger-looking skin.


Cost of Botox Treatment


The cost of BOTOX® Cosmetic for men includes not only the cost of the high-quality product, but also the highly advanced skills and expertise of your specialist. Each specialist is licensed, trained, has BOTOX Cosmetic experience, and is ready to help you achieve visible, attractive results. For men who want younger, smoother skin, choose BOTOX Cosmetic for men.