Top Questions To Ask Before You Get Breast Implants

Key Questions to ask Before A Breast Augmentation

What questions should you ask before your breast augmentation? When you’re considering a boob job,there’s more to know than just breast augmentation costs. Breast implants represent an opportunity to update your look and correct concerns with your profile and proportion. There are some questions you’ll want to ask your doctor before moving forward with an augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation

The first thing to understand about breast augmentation surgery is that there are several ways to carry out the procedure. Some choices will depend upon your circumstances, others will depend upon your personal goals and desires. It’s important to consider the type of implants you desire, the size, and w


hat you hope to accomplish with your augmentation. It’s not vanity to desire to enhance your breasts. For Dr. O'Neill Plastic Surgeon Charleston SC, breast augmentation some women, the choice means they’ll find it easier to buy clothing that fits, and for others it’s a correction of asymmetry between the breasts or even part of their recovery process following a mastectomy. Whatever your reasons, we’re here to help answer your questions and ensure you have all the information you need to make the right choice about your breast augmentation.

Breast Implants 

One of the biggest myths about augmentation surgery is that the results will look unnatural. The truth is, with the correct style and placement of implants, your breasts will look and feel completely natural. Most patients find that silicone or “gummy bear” implants look and feel more natural than saline implants. Dr. O’Neill offers the best options available to ensure that your new look will be as natural as possible.

Some of the questions to ask before your boob job include:

  • What types of implants are available?
  • What are some common complications associated with implants?
  • What are the costs associated with my boob job?

Breast Augmentation Costs

The breast augmentation costs of each procedure will vary depending upon the style of implant chosen, the amount of time the procedure is expected to take, and factors like hospital and anesthesiologist fees. Dr. O’Neill will be happy to discuss the cost with you prior to your procedure, to be sure you understand the breast augmentation costs, benefits, and risks fully before you move forward with your procedure.

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