Breast Reduction Can Alleviate Back Pain

Breast Reduction Can Alleviate Back Pain


breast reduction for back pain

Even though some individuals, and doctors even, may think that undergoing a breast reduction procedure is a radical form of treatment, it doesn’t go unsaid that it can help tremendously. Depending on one’s breast size, there are numerous problems/issues that can come up. There are many women worldwide who have openly complained about their breast size causing persistent back pain, and think that getting a breast reduction will naturally balance out their body.

Aesthetic Alteration vs. Pain Relief


There lies a thin line between helping reduce pain or just helping someone feel more comfortable with their body. There are a few indications that breast reduction for pain relief would be a good option. Depending on the size of the breasts and how tall the patient is, will help determine if the pressure/weight from the breasts is throwing everything else off balance. Some patients can be very ‘top heavy’ where as the breasts are placing a lot of stress on the Thoracic Spine and Kyphotic Curve in the back. Patients who have much smaller frames, will notice a lot of pressure in their middle back region. Some women may experience most of their pressure and/or strain in their shoulder region which can slowly start to cause deformities in their posture due to the weight and pressure.


Affecting Exercise

Many patients that have very large breasts find it very difficult to partake in strenuous activity and exercise because the constant movement can become extremely painful in the breast area. That constant movement in the front in combination with the already aching muscles in the back, people would just rather not partake in strenuous activity and spare themselves some pain.

The largest concern with mammoplasty, is that it is a highly invasive procedure that takes patients a while to recuperate from. Many tests and discussions should be had with your health physician about the risks, advantages, healing time and so forth before just undergoing the breast reduction procedure. There may be alternative options that don’t require surgery.


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