— Can Lasers Really Remove Unwanted Acne Scars?

Puberty was an unpleasant time for most of us. Hair was growing in weird places. New hormones were going bonkers. And the pimples and zits seemed to never end!

Now that you’ve reached adulthood, you may want to put those days behind you. Its tough, however, when the acne from adolescence has left scars on your face, back, shoulders, neck, and other places on the body we won’t dare mention here.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Laser acne scar removal.

Are you a little skeptical?

Don’t worry, that’s normal. Just read on and all your questions will be answered.


Acne Scar Causes

Popping zits may have seemed necessary back in high school, but all those popped pimples have probably left their mark. Acne scars often result from the lesions where pimples were once popped. Over time, during the healing process, dead skin cells, oil from the body, sweat, and dirt often these lesions resulting in bacteria growth. Over time, the bacteria causes inflammation and even infection. If the lesion is not cleared regularly and thoroughly, acne scars may occur.

Acne scars can worsen if an individual picks at the lesion. By scratching at the inflamed site, the skin is distorted even more. Even without the bacteria, this causes scarring. If the body is trying to heal, it is best to just clean the wound and leave it alone.

Of course, many of us did not know that when we were mere teenagers…


How Long Do Acne Scars Last?

Acne scars are just like any other scar. They are an area of the body which has been damaged. The damage has caused the skin to heal in a non-natural way. Instead of being flat and smooth, it becomes rough and jagged.

And like other scars, acne scars last a lifetime unless they are treated. Several treatments involve chemical peels or dermal fillers, but for the best results, laser removal is the route to go.


Laser Removal for Acne Scars

Using advanced medical technology, lasers can be used to remove acne. They do this by “resurfacing” the scarred area. This means that the laser is directed across the rough, jagged skin. The laser is so hot, it literally burns the scar away!

Moisturizing Skin to Reduce Wrinkles

Eventually, all those rugged, jagged spots will be burnt away, and the only thing left will that smooth, natural looking skin you had back in high school.