CoolSculpting University

We’re happy to announce that our two CoolSculpting specialists, Krista and Rebecca have completed CoolSculpting University in Washington, DC! While Krista and Rebecca have been CoolSculpting certified for over two years, they were able to learn the latest and most effective techniques to freeze fat and slim body contours at CSU. Let us help you slim down and freeze away your fat with just a few cryolipolysis treatments!


What Is CoolSculpting University?

CSU is an advanced training seminar provided by Zeltiq (the creators behind CoolSculpting). Up until recently, CoolSculpting University was only available on the West Coast. When CSU was offered in DC, we jumped at the chance to go! CSU provides health care professionals with advanced training and the most up to date information on how to use cryolipolysis, best practices, new techniques, and more information about this scientific advancement.

With this information, our CoolSculpting specialists can help you look even better than before using the best techniques!

CoolSculpting Appointments Available in Charleston, SC

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CoolSculpting is one of the best ways to reduce fat without surgery. Using FDA-approved cryolipolysis, our specialists freeze your fat. The fat is naturally absorbed and expelled by the body. You’ll see slimmed down results in just a few weeks. The treatment is noninvasive with no downtime.

We also offer the complete range of other cosmetic surgery options in our Charleston, SC plastic surgery office conveniently located on Daniel Island.