— Does Laser Hair Removal give Permanent Results?

Does Laser Hair Removal give Permanent Results?

How long does laser hair removal last? The answer depends upon the individual. In general, laser hair removal treatment is considered semi-permanent- after the initial treatment series, you will need to follow up once or twice a year for permanent results.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser is directed to the hair follicles located just under the skin. The laser targets the follicles, destroying them and preventing them from growing new hairs. The treatment needs to be carried out in a series of sessions over a six to nine month period, spacing the treatments about six weeks apart, in order to address the growth cycle.


Are there Laser Hair Removal Side Effects?

Any side effects to laser hair removal are minimal. You may experience some localized irritation following the treatment. Following big 45659467 xlthe treatment, you may wish to apply cool compresses and even ice to reduce swelling and redness. The redness should fade within a few days, but avoid exfoliation and direct sunlight to give the skin time to fully recover. Be sure to follow the after-care instructions carefully.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

In short? Yes, laser hair removal is effective as a long-term solution for men and women who do not wish to tweeze, wax, and shave continuously to remove unwanted hair. Contact our office today to arrange your initial consultation and your first appointment. Don’t live with unwanted hair. Let us show you how laser hair removal can work for you.