How to Maintain a Youthful Glow

In one of our prior blogs, we explained the concept of “prejuvenation” and why many people across the country are addressing the visual effects of aging at an earlier age. In this blog, we’re delving deeper into the steps you can take to maintain a youthful glow. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors come hand in hand when it comes to our appearance. This means that what we put in our bodies is as important as what we put on our skin to enhance our overall radiance. Taking steps to live a healthy life and making time for self-care work together to help you maintain a youthful glow. 

How to Maintain a Youthful Glow

Get Your Nutrients

Prioritizing your health and wellness is key to looking and feeling good, and improving your health starts with what you consume. In addition to getting your daily vitamins and minerals, getting a daily dose of the healthy fats found in omegas can significantly benefit the skin. To give your skin an extra boost of radiance and to maintain a youthful glow, decrease your sugar intake. Artificial sugars can have damaging effects on collagen and elastin in the skin, leading it to have a sagging appearance. Follow a balanced diet and look for supplements like fish oil and vitamin C to build radiance from the inside out.

Live Well 

Living well spans beyond our diet, and healthy skin can be impacted by factors like a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, excessive drinking, or a lack of sleep. Inversely, there are numerous benefits associated with regular physical activity and a consistent sleep schedule. Exercise boosts blood circulation and balances hormones, while sleep provides a crucial period for rejuvenation and repair of the skin. Excessive alcohol, on the other hand, can lead to dehydration of the skin, and smoking ages the skin and leads to fine lines and wrinkles. To maintain a youthful glow, prioritize healthy practices like getting 8 hours of sleep and exercising, and avoid unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol excessively. 

Stay Hydrated

Another subset of living well is staying hydrated. Water is essential to maintaining the health of multiple systems of our body, including the health and radiance of our skin. To flush out toxins and keep your skin looking plump and hydrated, ensure you’re reaching the recommended water intake each day.

Wear Sunscreen

Ask any one of our experienced aestheticians what they consider to be an essential product, and you’ll “SPF.” Sunscreen is vital in keeping the skin protected, healthy, and youthful. Daily use of SPF reduces the skin’s exposure to harmful UV rays and helps to prevent wrinkles, sun spots, and skin cancer. Sunscreen is not only essential to maintain a youthful glow, but it can also potentially save your life.

Find the Perfect Products 

Once you’ve done everything to promote youthful skin from the inside, it’s time to take steps to get glowing from the outside. Finding the proper skincare routine can be overwhelming, and there is a lot of misinformation spread about skincare products. To identify which products are the most beneficial for your unique skin type, schedule a consultation with one of the experts at O’Neill Plastic Surgery. We can make personalized recommendations based on your skincare concerns and help you find the best products for your skin. 


To take your skincare to the next level, consider scheduling a treatment at O’Neill Plastic Surgery. From laser treatments to facials and even prejuvenation techniques like neurotoxins and filler, we have a service to address all of your skincare needs. If you need some help getting started, schedule a consultation, and one of our experienced staff members will take time to explain all of your options to you and help to maintain your youthful glow!

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