Introducing CoolSculpting Elite

The original CoolSculpting system first hit the market back in 2011, and in the over ten years since its introduction, some substantial advancements have been made. O’Neill Plastic Surgery is proud to introduce the latest iteration of cryolipolysis technology: CoolSculpting Elite. The beauty and cosmetic industry has seen vast improvements over the years. From refined techniques to breakthroughs in technology, the results of various services have dramatically improved. CoolSculpting is no exception to this upgrade in technology. This new and improved version of the popular body contouring service boasts a sleeker, more compact device with even better results. In this blog, we’re sharing some of the top benefits that CoolSculpting Elite offers and explaining how this enhanced system compares to traditional CoolSculpting.

The Benefits of CoolSculpting Elite 

Improved Fat Removal

The main goal of the original CoolSculpting technology was to provide a noninvasive way to reduce fat through the use of cryolipolysis. This technique freezes and destroys fat cells without surgery or downtime. While CoolSculpting Elite maintains these initial benefits, the advancements over the past decade have increased the efficiency of this process. One of the main improvements of the CoolSculpting system can be found in the applicators. The improved applicators cover a larger surface of the skin and a better fit, leading to enhanced results. While the traditional CoolSculpting machine removes an average of 18-20% fat at each visit, the new and improved model eliminates an average of 20-25% body fat in a single treatment.

Upgraded Applicators

As we previously mentioned, the applicators on the CoolSculpting Elite machine aren’t just larger; they also provide more body contact than the older model. Instead of the U-shape seen in traditional CoolSculpting, the new applicators are shaped like a “C” to better fit the body’s natural curves. There are also more applicator shapes to choose from to best adjust to your desired treatment area, making for a more comfortable experience. These new “Every Size” applicators make for a more customized experience and enhanced precision.

Faster Results

The newest version of the CoolSculpting machine comes with a dual function feature and has two applicators on each device. Each applicator covers up to 18% more of the skin’s surface, making it possible to target larger treatment areas in less time. In addition, each CoolSculpting Elite machine can use two applicators simultaneously to target two different treatment areas at the same time. Not only does this lead to improved fat removal, but it also contributes to shortened treatment times. This new feature can also lead to fewer treatment sessions since multiple areas can be treated in the same appointment. 

Enhanced Comfort

All of these advancements to the CoolSculpting Elite device provide better results and increase the comfort of the treatment. Larger, better fitting applicators with a dual function make for a shorter treatment time and more precise results. Over ten years of improvements mean that our new CoolSculpting Elite machines can provide you with the best body contouring services. 

Treatment Areas for CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite treatments are designed to treat stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Some of the most common treatment areas include:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks or love handles at the waist
  • Excess fat at the bra line
  • Back 
  • Underneath the buttocks
  • Upper arms or “bat wings”
  • The area under the chin or jawline

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Upon completing medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, Dr. O’Neill completed nine years of residency training. These nine years included a full general surgery and a plastic surgery residency, both at the Medical University of South Carolina, and a hand and microsurgery fellowship at the Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery. Dr. O’Neill has extensive certifications, training, skills, and knowledge that make him a successful physician who can carry out your next plastic surgery procedure. His expertise and technique will result in the beautiful and natural look you desire post surgery.

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