New Year, New Skincare Routine: How To Take Care Of Your Skin In 2023

Resolutions for the new year come and go, but the real changes that stick around become part of one’s routine. If you dream of seeing differences in your skin, a new skincare routine might be the perfect change for 2023. Everyone’s skin is unique and beautiful, so it is important to find the right combination of the best products and treatments to make that change.

Our talented providers at O’Neill Plastic Surgery are always ready to help create a customized regimen for you.  It all starts with a few staple pieces of any routine. For skin specifically, these steps will be your always and forever. Cleanse, exfoliate, and tone. Sun protection is also a part of any routine so keep that in mind when you begin. 

New Year, New Skincare Routine 


The first essential step to a successful skincare routine is cleansing your face. Try a double cleanse! Cleansing may seem basic, but it is the way for you to free your skin from top layer dirt, debris, and other external factors of everyday life. The second cleanse is your deeper get in there and really get your skin squeaky clean.  Recommendation: Cleanse twice a day. See or speak to your professional provider about the right cleanser for you.


 The second step in beginning a new and successful skincare routine is exfoliating. Don’t be fooled. The skin care industry is huge, and many exfoliants out there do a great job getting dead skin off and giving you that ultra-excess skin and oil-free feel, but buyer beware. Good exfoliants should NOT leave your skin tight, dry, red and irritated, and starving for hydration. We love the Exfoliating Polish by ZO Skin Health at O’Neill Plastic Surgery.

Let’s talk about why. The Exfoliating Polish comprises ultra-fine magnesium oxide Crystals, so you get the finest scrub and instantly smooth skin while gently dissolving oil and unclogging your pores. The Exfoliating Polish has replenishing abilities, too, so your skin is not left dry and tight, and the overall brightness afterward compares to none. This product is recommended to everyone of all ages and gender. 2-3 times a week, get your scrub on after you’ve washed up. A dime size amount is all you need; get it in and feel the magnesium working and your skin loving every minute of it. Here’s a little reminder as well. Never exfoliate 2x a day. It’s either a.m. or p.m., NOT both. It is a great addition to your skincare routine.


Toners are one of the many hidden secrets to great skin and a great skincare routine. I’m here to tell you that toner is important for healthy, beautiful, strong skin. Your providers at O’Neill Plastic Surgery are ready to dive in and create your customized regimen during your complimentary consultation. We carry toners for all skin types. Dry and sensitive, combo, and even oily and acne. The recommendation is after you’ve cleansed and exfoliated, it’s time to tone. Yes, that means a.m. and p.m. Now, whether you are exfoliating in the morning vs. the evening, just skip over that second exfoliation part and go straight to toning after you’ve cleansed. We are your biggest skincare cheerleaders, so join us as part of your growth!

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