Why IPL Hair Removal Is a Great Choice for Smooth Summertime Skin

Although there is a vast array of hair removal treatments out there, most people have become accustomed to the method that offers the most benefits for them personally. As with any routine task, hair removal techniques become habits and it’s not often that people are willing to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. However, many people simply may not know about alternatives to shaving, waxing, and depilatories that offer convenience, simplicity, and effectiveness. One of those treatments is Intense Pulsed Light hair removal (IPL).

Why Is IPL Hair Removal So Effective?

What makes IPL hair removal so effective is that it deals with the most common reason for frustration with hair removal – hair regrowth. IPL technology actually slows the regrowth of hair more and more with each treatment, thus preventing regrowth exponentially so that you may go several weeks before you need another treatment. The bottom line is that IPL hair removal keeps hair from growing back for a very long time.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

Now that we understand the overall advantage of IPL hair removal – slowed regrowth and longer spans with no hair – let’s look at how Intense Pulsed Light hair removal actually achieves this.

IPL hair removal technology works by concentrating a beam of light on the area being treated, while the pigment within the hair heats up. The heat then travels down to the root of the hair and damages the cells directly around the hair follicle that are responsible for regrowth. Here’s the best part: With each subsequent IPL hair removal treatment, regrowth of hair is reduced more than the prior treatment, meaning you can go up to 8 weeks without another treatment.

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

IPL hair removal and laser hair removal involve the same processes, as well as the same main underlying principle. However, the one difference that separates them are the characteristics of the light beams. The more commonly known technique – laser hair removal – utilizes a highly focused light beam with a narrow range of color from the visible spectrum. On the contrary, IPL hair removal utilizes the entire color range of the visible spectrum.

Laser hair removal is therefore more effective for strongly contrasting hair color and skin tone (dark hair, fair skin) and is not so effective on hair and skin that are similar in tone. IPL treatments are much more versatile, proving to be effective on a larger range of hair and skin tones.

At-Home vs Professional IPL

Although many people prefer to seek professional IPL treatments, there are several at-home IPL devices on the market that provide similar results. However, professional IPL treatments involve much more powerful equipment that offers quicker results in fewer treatments.

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