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Dr. O'Neill and Dr. Swartz standing in front of the operating room Dr. O'Neill performing surgery

“I have had such a wonderful experience with Dr. O’Neill and his amazing staff.  Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable and confident with the decision you make. I am absolutely thrilled with my results and couldn’t be more pleased. Dr. O’Neill did a fantastic job!”

–Jordan Gaither, patient


The VECTRA XT 3D Imaging System is now available at O’Neill Plastic Surgery! This incredible new technology allows patients to see the exciting new possibilities of their simulated aesthetic procedures. With 360 degrees of body imaging, this single system captures 3D face, breast, and body images in ultra-high resolution color.

VECTRA XT has so many great features that make it easy to use with little room for error. The entire system has a wall projection of less than 17″, so it hardly takes up any floor space. Additionally, the proprietary lighting system automatically adjusts for optimal face, breast and body imaging. You don’t even need to worry about your patient moving while the system works; it takes only 3.5 milliseconds to capture an image. VECTRA XT also has software-controlled height adjustment for fast, accurate imaging.

Here are several other perks of using the VECTRA XT system:

Automated measurements.

Gray mode reveals contours of the face and body and presents opportunities for corrective procedures.

Rbx® technology separates the unique color signatures of red and brown skin components for high-definition visualization of skin conditions.

See volume difference measurements with one click and visualize the degree of contour change with a color distance map.

Automatic stitching. A front and back view of the patient are automatically stitched together into a single, seamless wraparound image.

Patient education. Breast sculptor’s patient education module provides a series of checklist-style customizable disclaimers with relevant visual tools and measurements to streamline your informed consent process.

Select breast implants from the product catalogs you normally use.

Dynamic soft tissue modeling generates actual 3d models of the implants you select and calculates a realistic outcome based upon gravity, the shape and placement of the selected implant.

ContouringSimulate removing or adding volume to the face and body.

Visualize your hopes and expectations with sculptor’s powerful viewing tools.

Overlaying your pre-op image with the simulated outcome makes the differences more apparent.

Complementary procedures help you decide on the best possible treatment plan by showing the difference between the likely outcome with single or multiple procedures.

Compare multiple scenarios with different size, style and shape options.

Access to your VECTRA 3d images and treatment recommendations with a single click.

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