5 Travel Must-Haves for Your Skin

Springtime is on the horizon, which means planning spring break and other vacations has begun! While we’re all due for a little relaxation, stepping away from our normal routine can lead to setbacks for our skin. Not only are we typically indulging a bit more than we’re used to when it comes to food and drinks, but we’re also more likely to stray from our at-home skincare regimens when traveling. Keep your skin happy and maintain all the hard work you’ve done in correcting over the fall and winter by packing your bag with these travel must-haves:


SPF isn’t just a travel must-have; it’s an everyday must-have! While we like to use makeup with SPF in it, that is not enough sun protection on its own. Before applying makeup, complete your daytime regimen with SPF. Any additional SPF in your foundation or lip products is just an added bonus! For a size that easily fits in your toiletry bag or pool tote, try this sheer SPF lotion by Skinbetter.

Calming Products

Environmental changes, including temperature, altitude, and humidity, can all affect your skin. You can see these effects take place during air travel, as well as when you reach your final destination. Pack some calming products, like a soothing mask, cream, or toner, to keep redness, dryness, and irritation at bay. Having calming products easily accessible will help your skin adjust to this new environment. 


Like SPF, hydration is non-negotiable in your everyday life, especially when you are traveling! From regular water intake to an effective moisturizer, hydrating products are a travel must-have to prevent dryness and breakouts. 

An Effective Cleanser

Vacation may be the time we start to slip when it comes to our skincare routines, to the point where we may even find ourselves committing the sin of falling asleep in our makeup. While a long day in the sun or out adventuring may have you feeling sleepy, an effective cleanser is essential to pack (and use!) while on vacation. Between dirt, makeup, SPF, and bacteria, washing your face on vacation is key to maintaining healthy skin throughout the duration of your trip.

Travel-sized cleansers are available for every skin type, so there’s no excuse to skip over this travel must-have. ZO Skin Health has four terrific cleansers for your use! Check out the Gentle Cleanser, Hydrating Cleanser, Exfoliating Cleanser, and Balancing Emulsion (no water needed with this one!). 

Multi-Purpose Products

Multi-use or dual-purpose products are the quintessential travel must-haves when it comes to packing. Multi-use products are ideal travel must-haves to tackle numerous skin concerns without the need for multiple products or steps in your routine. Finding products like a compact powder with added SPF can help your makeup stay fresh while reapplying sun protection. Take up less space in your toiletry bag without compromising the look and feel of your skin by packing products that target more than one skincare concern. 

The Alto Defense Repair serum by Skinbetter is the perfect example of a product that can pack a big punch. This serum improves the skin’s brightness, redness, and overall tone to help boost your radiance. To help get your skin ready for spring, we’re running a special for this month only! Take 20% off of the Alto Defense Repair serum during the month of March. Whether it’s a staple in your everyday routine or packed in your travel bag, this product can maintain your glow on the go. 

Protip: invest in all of your favorite travel-sized products and keep them in your toiletry bag to save you time and stress when it comes to planning and packing for a trip. Knowing your skincare is all taken care of allows you to just grab and go!

If you’re looking for high-quality skincare or some help choosing the right products for your skin type, our team is here to help! Schedule a service or shop online to get all of your travel must-haves together before your next big trip!

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