6 Myths About Injectables

When it comes to injectables, we know information is available at the drop of a hat. Search engines, social media, word of mouth provide insight into injectables. However, a lot of information can also lead to inaccuracy. Myths about injectables are everywhere. The key is finding accurate information before deciding what you think. 

Debunking The Myths About Injectables 

If you’re looking for a way to debunk the myths about injectables, you’ve come to the right place. At O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to providing you with the care and information you deserve. There is no reason to have false information, so we have chosen to debunk six myths about injectables. 

Myth 1: All “Botox” is the same. 

One of the most common myths about injectables is that all “Botox” is the same. Botox is probably the most used term in the injectables industry. However, just because someone references something like Botox does not mean it is. There are so many different types of injectables to choose from. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, Botox was the first drug to use botulinum toxin. Botox, which is an abbreviation of its full name botulinum toxin A, is the brand name injection created by Allergan. Oftentimes, other similar substances are referred to as Botox, even if they are not the same brand. 

Myth 2: An injectable procedure is very painful.  

When it comes to needles, everyone feels differently. Injectable procedures are as pain-free as possible to ensure you have a comfortable experience. The steps a medical professional take to bring you a pain-free procedure are some of the most essential parts. 

There are multiple ways to decrease pain for injectables, such as with topical anesthetics. This also entails the doctor using the correct equipment to reach this pain-free experience. However, the myth that receiving injectables is very painful is just that, a myth. 

Myth 3: You’ll get addicted to injectables. 

Some myths about injectables can make people nervous, especially when it comes to discussing addictive qualities. There are no materials present in the injectables that contain addictive substances. The only aspect of injectables that can be addicting is the love of the look after it is complete. This is something you have control over and can make decisions based on what works best in your own life.  

Myth 4: Downtime will be necessary after the procedure. 

After an injectables procedure, there is not very much downtime at all. While you may have to stray away from very intense workouts for a few days, there is no reason to go about your normal day. The injectables are done with a simple procedure that will not leave you with lasting effects to overcome.

Myth 5: It is obvious when someone receives injectables. 

There are probably people in your life with injectables, and you’d never even know it. If a person is simply using injectables for tighter skin and a healthier look, it does not appear like the way movies, TV shows, and the media make it appear. At O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we are here to make you look exactly as you wish to. We ensure we are listening to your wants directly and go into the procedure ready to provide you with exactly what you asked for. 

Myth 6: Injectables are permanent.

Myths about injectables are all over. The only thing that is permanent about injectables is the feeling you’ll get about them. Botox itself only lasts around three months, while fillers do have the capacity to last a year. However, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the length of time the injections last differs by the patient. They discuss that some patients’ first time may see a shorter amount of time that the injections last. This is a great example of the importance of recognizing how different people’s bodies can react to things in different ways. 

It is time to get the truth around cosmetic injectables. Myths about injectables can keep patients from reaching those cosmetic goals they are hoping for. It is completely normal to do your research before any medical procedure but make sure you are getting it from the best place. Are you looking for even more information about cosmetic injectables? O’Neill Plastic Surgery is here to help. Check out our website or give us a call at (843) 881-2130.

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