Summertime Plastic Surgery Maintenance: How To Keep Your Results Looking Great

Getting your plastic surgery procedure is one thing. Maintaining the best results in the summertime is another! While it may seem like you’re signing up for more work by getting a procedure, it is not intensive. The key is listening to your doctor and the post-operative instructions. By following both of those steps, you will not have to worry about the implications. 

At O’Neill Plastic Surgery, we know the summer can be a tempting time to focus more on the fun than the recovery. However, summertime plastic surgery maintenance is just as important. That is why we are here to share what can help you achieve that healing. 

Summertime Plastic Surgery Maintenance

Follow Post-Operative Instructions 

Your plastic surgeon will provide specific post-operative instructions tailored to your procedure. It is crucial to follow these instructions diligently, especially in the summertime. They may include recommendations for wound care, avoiding certain activities, and using compression garments. Adhering to these instructions will promote proper healing, reduce the risk of complications, and optimize your final results.

If you do not understand something that the instructions detail, ask your doctor! We are here to help make the transition as easy as possible. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle 

A healthy lifestyle is vital for preserving your plastic surgery results. Eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Stay adequately hydrated and limit your alcohol and caffeine intake. Regular exercise can help maintain muscle tone and overall body contour. Avoid smoking, as it can impede healing and contribute to premature aging. Protect your skin from excessive sun exposure using sunscreen and protective clothing.

These things are great for your plastic surgery maintenance and fantastic lifestyle changes in the summertime. 

Practice Skincare

Effective skin care can enhance and prolong the results of facial plastic surgery. Follow a consistent skincare routine that includes cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin. Use products suitable for your skin type and address your specific concerns. Regular exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells and promote a youthful glow. 

You may even consider consulting a dermatologist or aesthetician for personalized skincare recommendations. We have an excellent team who can also help you make these decisions. 

Protect Your Investments 

Investing in plastic surgery means protecting your results. Avoid activities or behaviors that may jeopardize or damage your surgical outcomes. For example, if you had breast augmentation, wear a supportive bra to maintain the position and shape of your implants. 

If you underwent liposuction, maintain a stable weight to prevent fat accumulation in other areas. Be cautious when engaging in physical activities or contact sports to avoid injury to the treated areas. While this changes based on the procedure you got, most things to avoid are the same. 

Stay Connected with Your Surgeon 

Maintaining a long-term relationship with your plastic surgeon is crucial for ensuring the longevity of your results. Schedule regular follow-up appointments as recommended, even after you have fully recovered. By scheduling early, you can work around those summertime plans!

Your surgeon can assess your progress, address concerns, and provide additional guidance. By staying connected, you can address any issues early on, ensuring that your results remain satisfactory.

Learn More With O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Keeping your results looking great is essential! When you decide to get plastic surgery, you are truly making an investment in your own life. We can provide you with optimal results, but we do not play as big of a role in the time following.

This is where it becomes important for you to do it for yourself! Are you interested in learning more about post-operative care instructions in the summertime? Our team can provide you with resources and information to be prepared. Check out our website or give us a call at (843) 881-2130 for more details. 

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Upon completing medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, Dr. O’Neill completed nine years of residency training. These nine years included a full general surgery and a plastic surgery residency, both at the Medical University of South Carolina, and a hand and microsurgery fellowship at the Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery. Dr. O’Neill has extensive certifications, training, skills, and knowledge that make him a successful physician who can carry out your next plastic surgery procedure. His expertise and technique will result in the beautiful and natural look you desire post surgery.

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