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ThermiSmooth – General Procedure


ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes heat to smooth out your skin’s appearance. A specially designed tool is used during the process that allows for the doctor or technician administering the ThermiSmooth process to have precise and direct control over the areas that are being treated. Many patients have been pleased with the results of ThermiSmooth and have stated that rather than it hurting, it feels like a massage!




Collagen reacts to heat and shrinks when sustained over a certain amount of time, which has also been known to help stimulate new collagen growth. Utilizing the special tool used to administer the ThermiSmooth procedure minimizes any risks of overheating or causing permanent damage to the area.


How the ThermiSmooth Process Works


A gel will be applied to the area that is going to be smoothed out and then the tool heated to about (42 – 45 degrees Celsius) will be swept over the skin’s surface. A small area will be treated for no more than 5 minutes, limiting to 5 minutes will ensure that that the area is not overworked.   The ThermiSmooth process will continue to be worked on until the desired results are achieved.


By tightening and stimulating new collagen growth, the patients that choose to undergo ThermiSmooth therapy appear to have younger, fresher, tighter looking skin. A rejuvenated appearance can enhance one’s self-confidence dramatically. This procedure is generally used on areas on the face, the neck, underneath one’s eyes, on their forehead and around the mouth region. These particular areas are generally the first to lose some elasticity, therefore, leaving fines lines and creases as you age.


Setting up a ThermiSmooth Consultation


During the consultation appointment with your plastic surgeon you can discuss your concerns, talk about your expectations, as discuss the best treatment options available to you. More than likely, the dermatologist or physician will carefully examine your problem areas and make a determination on whether or not you would be a good candidate for ThermiSmooth.


Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and ThermiSmooth Procedure – Charleston SC

We provide a wide range of Plastic Surgery services, including ThermiSmooth at our office to help you feel and look naturally beautiful. Schedule your consultation at our cosmetic surgery center with Dr. O’Neill by Plastic Surgery Charleston, SC.  Call today to schedule a consultation.








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