— Vectra XT 3-D Imaging at O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Vectra XT 3-D Imaging at O’Neill Plastic Surgery

Visualizing the “after” results of a procedure like a breast enhancement or rhinoplasty can be difficult. The Vectra XT 3-D imaging system in use at O’Neill Plastic Surgery allows patients to see the compelling possibilities of their potential surgery.

3-D Imaging System

When most people hear the words “3-D Imaging System” they think of an x-ray or MRI style
Laser Skin Resurfacing machine. That’s not the purpose of the Vectra XT 3-D Imaging System. The machine takes a scan of your body, then allows the user to manipulate the image to simulate the results of a proposed procedure. The system gives patients an accurate view of what their results may look like, making a decision easier. The 3-D imaging system is a high-tech tool we use to help you make the best decision for yourself.


Vectra’s Imaging System offers many features over other systems that make it particularly useful in our practice. The entire system has a wall projection of fewer than 17 inches, so it takes up very little floor space. The specialized lighting system automatically adjusts for the optimal image, and only takes 3.5 milliseconds to capture an image, making it convenient and easy to use. You don’t have to stand still in one position for a long period of time to get clear, accurate images that Dr. O’Neill will use them to show you what your enhancements might look like following the proposed procedure.

Body Imaging

Body imaging allows for patients to preview their outcomes before the surgery, and help them to decide what their best course of action might be. It can help you envision what breast size you’d like to aim for with your reduction or enlargement procedure, for example, or to see what your new profile might look like after a rhinoplasty. 3-D imaging is one of the high-tech tools Dr. O’Neill uses to ensure his patients are happy with their results. Contact us today to learn more about 3-D Imaging and how it can help you decide on the procedure that’s right for you.