Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Facial plastic surgery can be an extremely personal and complex process, but Dr. O’Neill can help you decide what your best options are and what the best procedure is for you depending on your goals and expectations. We offer the top and most popular facial plastic surgery procedures for our Charleston, SC clientele.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Options

Facelift – Improve the look, tighten, and eliminate sagging skin of the face and neck with a facelift. Facelifts uplift the contours of the face, remove fat, and give an overall rested, youthful look.

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) – Improve the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both with an eyelid lift. Eyelid lifts can eliminate sagging skin around the eyes, reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, and eliminate bags under the eyes.

Brow Lift – Also called a forehead lift, a brow lift can eliminate the signs of aging found in the forehead and upper face region.

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) – If you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose, a rhinoplasty is a great option to decrease nose size, nose width, eliminate humps or depression along the nose profile, create symmetrical nostrils, and more depending on how patients want their nose to look.

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With the new year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about new years resolutions and how you can achieve your body goals. Dr. O’Neill is here to help you figure out what procedure may be best for you depending on your overall goals as well as your current health. If you need to do anything to prepare for plastic surgery (such as quitting smoking, weight change, or more), Dr. O’Neill will let you know how and why to make these changes and what else you may need to research before deciding what type of surgery will work best for your personal goals.Plastic surgery Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC Plastic Surgery

We’re already seeing very many people filling up our 2015 calendars, so it’s time to think about what you’d like to do in terms of plastic surgery. Scheduling a procedure many months in advance can be ideal with Dr. O’Neill’s and your busy schedule.

Plastic Surgery Procedures Available


  • Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • Coolsculpting
  • Wrinkle Fillers
  • Hair Removal
  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Care


  • Breast Augmentation Charleston SCBreast Enlargement (Breast Implants)
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Reconstruction



  • Facelift
  • Eyelid Lift
  • Brow Lift
  • Rhinoplasty


  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Body Lift

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Liposuction Information

Liposuction is an extremely popular type of plastic surgery, performed to remove fatty deposits on specific areas of the body. Even in people with good levels of fitness and are overall healthy, some stubborn fat deposits may be extremely hard to get rid off without cosmetic surgery. Dr. O’Neill performs this surgery regularly and his liposuction patients get dramatic, body contouring results, ultimately enhancing self-confidence and body image! Liposuction can also be combined with other procedures for overall body contouring improvement. Typically, people in good health are better candidates for liposuction surgery.

Liposuction Surgery Fat Targeting

Liposuction surgery targets localized fatty deposits all over the body, slimming and reshaping body contours, improving body shape and proportion. These techniques may be used to reduce localized fat deposits of the:

  • Backliposuction in charleston, sc
  • Stomach
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Upper Arms
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Calves
  • Ankles

How Does Liposuction Work

The tumescent or super-wet liposuction technique requires an infusion of saline solution with adrenaline and possibly anesthetic prior to removal of excess fat. During the outpatient plastic surgery procedure, Dr. O’Neill will make a series of incisions and inserts the fat-targeting cannula into the fatty deposits. Those fatty deposits are then sucked out using vacuum attached to the cannula.

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Dr. O’Neill and his team of cosmetic surgery professionals want to make all of our patients happy and comfortable in their own skin. We love helping people feel confident in their looks by understanding their goals and performing complete surgeries, minimally invasive procedures, and skin care techniques for our Charleston, SC patients.

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Plastic Surgery For Men

Cosmetic or plastic surgery is not just for women, regardless of the social stigmas out there. There are many plastic surgery options for men, both minimally invasive and traditional plastic surgery methods to improve confidence and body contours. Men can feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in their bodies, too, and there is no need for anyone, male or female, to feel anything but happy with themselves. Let Dr. O’Neill help you feel confident and happy by performing the perfect plastic surgery procedure for natural results that meet your body image goals.

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Plastic Surgery For Men

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Surgery) – Breast reduction surgery for men is used to remove excess tissue in the male breasts caused by gynecomastia, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, or weight loss. This surgery can also create better body contours or improve the proportions of the breasts.

BOTOX -BOTOX injections are an effective, non-surgical treatment used to temporarily reduce the look of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth such as frown lines, forehead creases, and crows feet. BOTOX quickly improves the facial tone and texture for a smoother, younger look!

Wrinkle/Cosmetic Facial Fillers – Another way to reduce the look of aging and wrinkles are cosmetic facial fillers. Facial fillers also can be used to reduce the appearance of scars, enhance shallow contours, and plump thin lips.

Facelift – (Male Facelift Charleston, SC Patient Pictured Above) Facelift surgery for men is a process of tightening facial skin, lifting features, and dramatically reducing the appearance of aging. Facelifts can be combined with liposuction for even more dramatic results.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation/Intense Pulsed Light – Perfect for Charleston men who spend their days in the sun, lounging on the beach or boat, Intense Pulsed Light laser skin rejuvenation can reduce the signs of sun damage, including brown spots, freckles, age spots and wrinkles, as well as restore uneven skin tone, reduce scars, and more. The minimally invasive laser surgery options are a great option for men who want to quickly remove signs of aging without going under the knife.

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Charleston Plastic Surgery Procedures For Winter

Charleston Cosmetic Procedures For Winter

We’re used to covering up throughout the winter to save our skin from the harsh winds and stay warm, but it is also a great time to think about long-lasting cosmetic skin care — in the form of plastic surgery. O’Neill Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC carries complete lines of skin care treatments, serums, and creams, and also provides laser skin care for more dramatic, quicker results. Winter is a great time for plastic surgery because there is more time for complete healing and recovery and the risk for damage before you really want to show off. Some of our more popular winter treatments in our Charleston, SC office are:

CoolSculpting – Target stubborn fat without going under the knife. Final results and body shape can take a few weeks to completely form, so winter is the perfect time to make a change.

Laser Treatments – Use laser treatments for minimally invasive skin treatments, fat treatments, and hair or tattoo removal treatments. Lasers offer quick and easy, but dramatic results for patients looking for one-time or short visits to the Charleston plastic surgery office.

Charleston SC Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery Treatments

BOTOX - Temporarily target wrinkles; frown lines, forehead creases, crows feet, wrinkles around the eyes, and thick bands in the neck quickly with BOTOX injections.

Wrinkle Fillers - Impress friends or family members with a fresh look this holiday season by using cosmetic facial fillers to temporarily eliminate wrinkles, plump lips, and reduce the appearance of sagging skin or scars.

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Laser Skin Care in Charleston, SC

Here at O’Neill Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC, we are proud to offer a complete line of skin care products including injectables, facial fillers, serums, lotions, and whatever else you need to help the health and look of your skin. One of the newest technologies to help reduce the look of aging is laser skin care, which is a group of noninvasive cosmetic procedures that use intense light to target the aging collagen deep within tissue to promote cell health and new growth. Since laser skin care is noninvasive, patients can expect lasting results with little to no downtime.

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Laser Skin Care Options

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvenation

IPL treatments send different wavelengths of light to specific areas of the skin to restore a more youthful appearance. IPL is especially helpful in restoring sun damaged skin, which is a common occurrence here in the Charleston summer. IPL treatments can also be used to target brown spots or age spots and also can even skin tone by reducing redness, rosacea, broken capillaries, and more.

laser skin care charleston scLaser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing uses a fractional laser light to target skin imperfections due to aging, such as spots. This type of laser skin care is also proven very effective for reducing the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and large pores, as well as tightening skin along the chin and neck. Skin resurfacing is most popular on the face, neck, hands or décolletage.

Laser Scar & Stretch Mark Removal

Laser light can also be targeted to scarred or stretched areas of the skin, such as acne or surgical scars and stretch marks from pregnancy. The laser targets the scarred or stretched skin to make the texture and tone more even.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses the intense and specific light to target hair follicles for unsightly facial or body hair.

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Breast Implant Reconstruction

Charleston, SC Breast Implant Reconstruction

Cancer is a devastating disease that takes a heavy toll on families.  During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we at O’Neill Plastic Surgery are putting the emphasis on breast

Woman on beach after breast implant reconstruction surgery

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health, reconstruction, and patient care. We are the top choice in Charleston, SC for breast reconstruction. Our dedicated team takes patients’ over health and wellness very seriously.

Breast Implant Reconstruction

There are two ways that breast implant reconstruction can be completed. A Direct-to-Implant Reconstruction procedure, or a Tissue Expander-to-Implant Reconstruction procedure. A One-Stage implant procedure is often best suited for patients with good preservation of breast skin post-mastectomy. This procedure can be performed when there is not a need for expansions of the tissue pocket that will hold the implant.

A Two-Stage implant procedure is optioned when the tissue pocket is too small to hold the implant at the time of the mastectomy and must be expanded over time. The first stage of this process involves placement of an expanding device. The expander gradually fills (using a sterile saline solution) and is injected into a port within the tissue expander. Once the expander is filled, a second procedure is completed to remove it and insert the actual breast implant in its place.

To learn more about breast cancer awareness and overall breast health including Breast Implant Reconstruction, click here >>

For questions, concerns, or general consult questions, contact our team at O’Neill Plastic Surgery!

Charleston Breast Reconstruction

pink breast cancer awareness ribbonWe’ll continue our featured posts detailing the plastic surgery options available to women who have had a mastectomy, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. We wanted to shine a light on the types of procedures available for women who are interested in using surgery options available to reconstruct one or both breasts with natural and beautiful results. In this post, we’ll focus on the difference between immediate and delayed breast reconstruction methods.

Upon consultation, Dr. O’Neill will walk you through each type of breast reconstruction that he performs and will answer any questions you may have.


Immediate Breast Reconstruction refers to a procedure that is performed directly after a mastectomy occurs. A surgeon and Dr. O’Neill work in conjunction with one another during the dual procedure. Benefits of this surgery include; the possibility of fewer scars, fewer potential future surgeries, and the possibility of waking up with reconstructed breast(s).


A number if women feel the need to complete their cancer treatments prior to having breast reconstruction surgery. This, unless otherwise noted breast cancer awareness Charleston SC breast reconstruction patientmedically, is a preferential choice. A few reasons for delaying the reconstruction procedure may be;

  • Due to post-mastectomy chemotherapy or radiation treatments, your doctor or surgeon may opt to delay the reconstruction procedure to limit potential for complications.
  • There may be a potential for a re-occurrence of breast cancer.
  • A feeling of overwhelming, pushing you to finish the treatment before moving onto the next stage.

Dr. O’Neill is a leading Charleston, SC plastic surgeon. He has years of experience assisting families through trying and healing times. Dr. O’Neill and his staff are here to guide you and your family through it all. Contact us with any questions!

To learn more about Immediate or Delayed Breast Reconstruction, click here!

Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction

pink breast cancer awareness ribbon

We’ll continue our featured posts detailing the plastic surgery options available to women who have had a mastectomy, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. We wanted to shine a light on the types of procedures available for women who are interested in using surgery options available to reconstruct one or both breasts with natural and beautiful results. In this post, we’ll focus on the Latissimus Flap breast reconstruction method.

Upon consultation, Dr. O’Neill will walk you through each type of breast reconstruction that he performs and will answer any questions you may have.

What is Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction?

Latissimus flap reconstruction is the method of using muscles and tissue (latissimus dorsi) from a patient’s back to rebuild the breast mound. The latissimus dorsi muscle is located below the should and behind the armpit, as shown in red on the diagram below:

latissimus dorsi flap breast reconstruction

In surgery, a flap of tissue and blood vessels is taken from the back and moved under your skin to the chest to rebuild the breast. This type of muscle transfer typically looks natural.

Benefits of Latissimus Flap Reconstruction

  • This method is typically a good option for women who are not good candidates of other types of flap reconstruction as the blood vessels in the back are usually stronger and closer to the chest than other flap areas (like the abdominal tissue or other free flap areas). 
  • The new breast mound will be similar in color to the original breast tissue.
  • The post-surgery scar will be on the back, typically covered by a normal bra strap.

Post Latissimus Flap Surgery

After the latissimus flap surgery, some women may find that they are limited in twisting and lifting motions and their strength when performing those movements. If you’re are having unusual pain, please feel free to reach out to us and see how we can help you.

Other Reconstruction Options

Dr. O’Neill is experienced and qualified in the different types of breast reconstruction. To read more about the other options for reconstruction after mastectomy, visit the following pages:

Contact us today by calling (843) 881-2130 or making an appointment online. We know you have many questions and concerns you have, especially during such an emotional time in your life. We’ll walk you though the entire process to make sure that you are comfortable and we meet all of your body-image goals.