How to Feel Confident This Summer

Summertime means longer days, warmer weather, and time spent at the beach. For many of us, this is the season where clothes become shorter, sleeveless, or slightly more revealing than what we wear in the cool months. While a new season allows us to bring back styles we love, not everyone is thrilled at the idea of showing off different parts of their body. The pandemic had many of us at home in sweatpants last summer, making this upcoming summer’s trends even more daunting. No matter your problem area, O’Neill Plastic Surgery is here to help you feel like the best version of yourself. We’re listing out some different procedures to help you feel confident this summer. 

In a Swimsuit

Breast augmentation

While there are various swimsuit styles to choose from, many of them tend to show off the decollete. If you’ve been interested in enhancing the fullness of your breasts, a breast augmentation may be right for you. Many women choose breast augmentations to balance their body’s appearance or help them feel confident. Whatever your reason is for choosing breast augmentation, Dr. O’Neill can work with you to help you achieve your desired results.


Another option to help you feel confident this summer is an abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, which helps to tighten and flatten the abdomen. Tummy tucks are particularly popular following childbirth, which may have caused unwanted excess skin. If you have a two-piece bathing suit that you no longer feel comfortable wearing due to sagging skin and weakened muscle, an abdominoplasty can help smooth and tighten your stomach to create a sleek look.

In a Tanktop

Breast lift

A breast lift differs from a breast augmentation because it does not involve an implant but instead aims to correct sagging breasts and drooping nipples. A breast lift can, however, be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation if the patient desires added fullness in addition to a lifted and more contoured look.


The arms are part of the body that are difficult to hide in the summer. For those with stubborn fat or sagging skin in their arms, a Brachioplasty may be able to help. Also known as an arm lift, this surgical procedure targets the upper arm to remove excess fat and skin to contour and tone the area. Arm lifts are especially effective for those who have sagging skin due to substantial weight loss or age. 

In Shorts

Thigh lift

While diet and exercise are the foundation of health and a strong, toned body, there are certain areas where fat remains no matter how clean you eat or how hard you train. If you have reached your ideal weight but are looking to tighten or smooth your legs, a thigh lift can help achieve a more toned look. In addition to reducing sagging skin, thigh lifts also can help smooth out cellulite to create a youthful, contoured appearance.


Liposuction is a procedure for various areas of the body, including the stomach, hips, thighs, back, and upper arms. Liposuction is another example of a procedure that targets stubborn fat in otherwise healthy, active adults. This procedure offers permanent results for those looking to contour localized fat deposits and feel more confident in any type of summer apparel. Liposuction can also be used in combination with other procedures and treatments like the “Mommy Makeover.” For questions about any surgical or non-surgical procedure that can help you feel confident this summer, reach out to O’Neill Plastic Surgery today.

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Upon completing medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, Dr. O’Neill completed nine years of residency training. These nine years included a full general surgery and a plastic surgery residency, both at the Medical University of South Carolina, and a hand and microsurgery fellowship at the Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery. Dr. O’Neill has extensive certifications, training, skills, and knowledge that make him a successful physician who can carry out your next plastic surgery procedure. His expertise and technique will result in the beautiful and natural look you desire post surgery.

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